Welcome bold travellers, stay a while and read of the Lands of Legend…

The adventurers: Brion, Logen and Ronin have spent the last months embroiled in events on the isle of Ellesland, tasked by the shade of a long dead yet mighty Elven wizard named Elvaron, they have ended the machinations of the Demon Rimfax and the cursed Blight he cast on the land and maintained through his minions by defeating each of them; Duke Darian and his dark riders,Grimrock the ruler of the orc slavers and Old Ned the Hobgoblin. These epic events were not without tragedy and loss as faithful friends and companions fell in the pursuit of these missions, their graves are marked in the wilder places of the land.

A journey of many long weeks saw the party stop in the largest trading town on the Western Coast, where they negotiated on behalf of their patron and did some tasks for the merchant princes of Criggen Varras, they also had some dealings with the powerful Thieves guild there led by a mysterious figure known as Seryth the Shade, with the defeat of Rimfax and the death of his minions, the largely independant Merchant Princes under the direction of their leader(Melano – Merchant Prince) and the new ruling council of Ereworn have both promised aid to Baron Aldred, the party’s patron and one of the 3 lords of Albion who are mired in a struggle for that country’s throne. Open warfare has broken out in Albion in the last weeks and the heroes have recently hurried South with an army of 7000 able bodied men from Ereworn, (mainly longbowmen and spearmen) to bolster the forces of the Baron. The galleys of the merchant princes have fought some indecisive skirmishes with the warships of the Earl of Montombre.

Upon the party’s return to the Baron’s castle with the allied forces, an impatient and worried Aldred set out immediately at the head of a now combined army of 15,000 men to bring one or the other of the enemy armies to battle and thus break the power of the alliance between Grisaille and Montombre.

The heroes were charged to rest and recuperate, and lead the greatly diminished castle garrison as a guarantee that Aldred’s fortress remained safe while he took his warchiefs and captains South at an exhausting marching pace, an additional important detail was to see to the safety of the Baron’s son Lord Almeric. Percieving events to be reasonably safe at the time, Galen, a warlock who travelled with the party for their more recent adventures left the group to pursue his own objectives. New blood, new alliances and new friendships will need to be made to bring the adventuring party back up to their full complement.

In the last days word returns from Aldred’s army, a rider arrives at castle Ravensbrook on a foaming, exhausted mount, he is a warlock named Gothryd and he brings news that Aldred’s army caught half the opposing forces with their swift march and a great battle was fought on the plains North of the River and town of Breylak, Aldred’s army broke and routed Grissaile’s forces, scattering them in retreat to the South West.

Meanwhile the adventuring party are now at least minor heroes of some renown, their names are known in most larger towns across Ereworn and Northern Albion and their deeds are spoken of in song, but this larger event – the great battle (which the party’s actions directly influenced) is all the news that is spoken of at present, the companions wait at Aldred’s castle for the return of the victorious army, and news of what new adventurous missions their patron has planned for them.

It is at this point that Chapter 2 of the Dragon Warriors campaign will begin.

- The Games Master

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