Reflections of Ronin

Sir Ronin the Knight

Ronin grew up North of the city of Ongus in Southern Albion, his father owned a manor house and was the lord of an estate near there and was a vassal knight to the Duke Grissaile. As a young and pious knight, Ronin, as first born son was also due to serve in the Duke’s armies.

When the call came for able bodied worthy soldiers of God to join the crusade and take the message of the One True Faith to the infedel lands of the South, Ronin, a young and eager squire joined up and was assigned to a force led by one of Grissaile’s chieftains; Lord Somet.

After a sea journey of months the crusaders arrived in the principalities of the Crusade and set about assaulting Crescentium, the holy city of the Moors. Battle raged for 3 years back and forth. In that time the by now newly knighted Ronin (as news had been recieved that his father had died of ill health) was taken under wing by a kindly and experienced knight named Sir McCallet. This cool headed wise old soldier helped train Ronin in the combat skills of the knight, and was present with him on many scouting missions and attacks.

Months passed, and it was clear that their commanding officer Lord Somet was not a man to be trifled with, he often ordered his soldiers to kill the women and children of villages and towns the crusaders conquered, as an example to their enemies not to stand in the way of the One true faith. These attacks and slaughters did not sit well with Ronin and indeed SirMcCallet, but they were minority voices in the army and held their tongues.

On one particular bloody attack, Ronin was wounded, severely….and his body was dragged from the battlefield by McCallet. He was sent home to Albion to recuperate, as the hot and dusty climate of the South was certain death if a wound became infected. The months long sea journey was nightmarish, as Ronin was in a terrible state of fever, and close to death. Finally though the ship docked at the port of Breylak and Ronin was taken to his father’s manor. More bad news followed, as the manor had fallen into disrepair and was behind in its tithes to the Duke, because of his father’s death and Ronin’s absence on the crusades, the Duke Grisaille had siezed the lands for his own.

Ronin, after a few months recovered from his wound, he had been tended to by the monks at a local monastery. All that he retained from his previous life was his father’s tabard with its coat of arms, and a sword, shield and suit of plate armour. He made his way North into Baron Aldred’s lands, he could no longer serve men like Duke Grisaille or the cruel Lord Somet. He does still wonder to this day, if Sir McCallet survived and returned to Albion from the crusades.

Reflections of Ronin

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