Reflections of Logen


Logen grew up in one of the weakest clans the ‘north’ had to offer. Very early on his life his village was raided and burnt to the ground – as a child he was taken by the raiders and forced to pit himself against the other captured children to weed out the weak and highlight the strong. It was at this tender age of 7 that Logen became known as his other name ‘Ninefingers’ . Frightened, weak and distraught at watching his family butchered he was thrown into an arena of shields like a dog.

But something happened to Logen that day, something feral, something brutal, something terrible unleashed itself from within the core of his soul and ripped through him like the axe that had torn his father’s head from its body. Logen let rip an unnatural cry and leapt onto the other children. It wasn’t long before there was only Logen and one other child left, a small girl, a friend from his village. But to Logen this meant nothing, he grabbed and tore at her as he uncaged his terror upon the small girl.

When it was over the circle of shields was silent – no one spoke but the wind upon the grass. As the chief of the tribe entered the circle ashen faced, he looked down with sad eyes on Logen and proclaimed him the victor, but rather than ask for his name – he gave him one – Ninefingers – for another of the children had bitten off one of Logen’s fingers in the battle. Logen covered in blood charged this new threat that had entered ‘his’ battlefield. The chieftan smashed his giant hand into Logen’s bloody face and it was over.

From that day forward Logen was accepted in to his new clan. He was taught the way of the barbarian but everytime he fought and was pushed into a corner he would uncage his inner terror at what he saw that day. Friend, foe, child, adult – it didn’t matter, as when Logen lost himself, he became Ninefingers and nothing could stop him from that.

Years later, a decade or so, Logen’s new clan was raided by another tribe – he lost himself in rage and whilst defending his own family he ended up killing half of his own clan – outcast by the tribe once it was over and distraught at killing his wife & children – Logen travels the land, keeping to himself and hoping that he can atone for his sins.

Reflections of Logen

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