New Skills Warlocks

Warlock Special Abilities Sheet

Warlock’s begin the game with 2 skills at level one, alongside their spell casting. Beginning at Rank 2, they can choose any one Free choice skill per rank (Note: some skills have prerequisites and minimum level).

Simultaneous Casting (1st Rank)

The Warlock can “power up” for battle faster than the other magic using Professions can. A certain number of their spells may be cast simultaneously with one another, allowing the Warlock to cast two spells per combat round. These spells are marked with an Asterisk on the Warlock Spell List (pg. 106) & Print out.

Hybrid Fighter & Spell Caster (1st Rank)

The Warlock is able to hold his own with the other spell casting professions but can, by virtue of specialising in weapon groups also provide strong opposition to his enemies in Melee Combat.

Appraise Enemy (free choice skill)

This skill enables the Warlock to determine the Profession (if any) and rank of a character just by watching him for a few moments. The GM rolls a d20, and if the score is under the Warlock’s Psychic talent he informs him accurately of the character’s Profession and rank.
If the d20 roll fails, the GM derives a random result for the observed character’s rank by rolling 3d6-7, taking results below 1 as 1st rank, and gives his profession as whatever seems most plausible. Use of this skill takes one combat round for each character observed. It can only be used once on any given character. The warlock cannot double check in case of a mistake the first time. Because this is a skill rather than a spell it is not affected be Deceit or Mind Cloak, however for the same reason it is affected by an assassin’s disguise skill, and an Assassin who disguises himself successfully will be able to fool the Warlock into thinking him to be some other rank and Profession.

Arrow Cutting (free choice skill)

This talent allows Warlocks to knock or catch arrows out of the air before they hit them. This calls for total concentration, so Warlocks cannot do it while spell casting, in melee, etc. Warlocks pit their Defence score against the bowman’s Attack.

Ride Warhorse (Free Choice Skill)

Warlocks who have chosen this specialty can ride a warhorse, exactly as though they were a Knight or Barbarian.

Fight Blind (free choice skill)

The Warlock acquires a kind of “radar” sense. When fighting blind (In pitch darkness, or thick smoke, or againsts an invisible opponent), the Warlock incurs a penalty of only -2 Attack and -4 Defense (this is only 50% of the usual penalty for fighting blind).

Unarmed Combat (free choice skill)

In order to select this skill, Warlocks must have chosen Weapon Group VIII as one of their weapon groups. If the Warlock later switches to another weapon grup, use of this skill is lost. When fighting unarmed, the skill means the Warlock uses a d6 for Armour Bypass Rolls and inflicts 3hp damage on a succesful blow.

Armour Expert (free choice skill)

Normally Warlocks suffer a penalty of -2 to attack and defence if wearing full plate armour. Fortunately no kind of armour impedes a Warlock’s spell casting ability; they are trained for this as Hybrid caster/warriors. Taking this skill allows the Warlock to wear the heaviest kinds of armour without ATT or DEF penalty and be the equal to a knight in terms of Armour Factor. Additionally the Magical suits of Armour governed by the Major Enchantments Armour skill are all suits of Plate Armour, so this skill becomes extra useful.

Minor Enchantment WEAPONS (free choice skill)

This gives the Warlock the ability to forge enchanted weapons. There are three sub levels to the Minor Enchantment skill: Basic, advanced and master. The first time the Warlock chooses this skill, it grants the ability to make + 1 magic weapons. Warlocks must wait until they gain another rank and then take the same skill a 2nd time in order to read advanced level required to make + 2 weapons. For Master level (+ 3 weapons), this skill must be taken a third time. There is a 1% chance the item will turn out to be flawed. The time taken to create an enchanted weapon is given below.

Minor Enchantment ARMOUR (free choice skill)

This is exactly the same as the previous skill, except that it governs the construction of enchanted armour instead of weaponry.

  • Item -————— Time taken to create
    +1 Arrow or Quarrel : 7 days (1 week)
    +2 Arrow or Quarrel : 14 days (2 weeks)
    +3 Arrow or Quarrel : 28 days (1 lunar month)
  • +1 Weapon : 84 days (3 lunar months)
    +2 Weapon : 168 days (6 lunar months)
    +3 Weapon : 365 days (1 year & 1 day)
  • +1 Armour : 84 days (3 lunar months)
    +2 Armour : 168 days (6 lunar months)
    +3 Armour : 365 days (1 year & 1 day)

Major Enchantment WEAPONS (8th rank pre-requisite)

Warlocks can only take this skill when they have Minor Enchantment of Weapons at master level. This skill enables Warlocks to produce 3 magic swords which are listed below. Warlocks can make only one of each type in their lifetime, and each takes a year and a day to make. These items must be swords of some form (longsword, shortsword, scimitar, 2 handed weapon etc). It is not possible to forge other types of weapon using this skill.

Volcanic Sword – The wielder of this sword can cause its blade to glow white hot or even burst into flame. This adds 5HP to the damage the weapon inflicts; e.g a shortsword becomes a (d8,8) weapon. This applies to only creatures that can be affected by heat/or fire. A spectre for instance would only take the damage from a magical “base” sword.

Severblade – The edge of this sword is always razor sharp. While fighting with it, a character uses d20 for Armour bypass rolls. The damage inflicted is as it would be for a “base” magical sword.

Vampire Sword – this sword leeches the life energy of those it slays and channels it into the owner. If wounded, the wielder of the Vampire Sword gets back 3 HP for every living creature he slays with it.

The powers listed above are the only magical powers these weapons possess. They cannot be imbued with magic bonuses (+1, etc) in addition to these powers.

Major Enchantment ARMOUR (8th rank pre-requisite)

A Warlock must have mastered the minor enchantment of Armour before acquiring this skill. When the Warlock takes this skill, one armour type of the 3 given below must be selected. The skill must be taken a second time if the Warlock also wants to make one of the other armour types. All of these types of armour are Plate. Like the special swords given above, they have no magic bonus; this means they have an intrinsic Armour Factor. Fashioning a suit of these armour types takes a year and a day. There is a 1% chance it will turn out to be flawed.

Nullplate – This must be made with an alloy of silver which becomes jet black in the process of forging. The armour must be studded with emeralds and jade, and the total cost is likely to approach 5000 gold pieces. Whoever wears this armour is protected at all times by a kind of low power spell screen that reduces any Direct Attack spells cast at the wearer by 3 MP. This effect is not cumulative with a regular spell screen. Only the higher casted spell screen (of 5MP value) will count on the rounds the spell is active.

Herculean Armour – Made from an alloy of gold and decorated with rubies, topax and fire opals, this armour is likely to cost some 4000 gold pieces. It has a reddish, coppery appearance when finished. The wearer has a Strength of 20 at all times, allowing the wearer numerous advantages.

Fortress Armour – An alloy of platinum produces a suit that shimmers like quicksilver. Moreover it must be adorned with diamonds, and the total expense may be more than 8000 gold pieces. Probably it is worth the price, as it protects the wearer from all forms of destructive energy (a Dragon’s fire, lightning bolts, and all indirect-magic spells that specifically inflict damage) by reducing the damage roll by 20 HP. Note that this renders the wearer invulnerable to such things as the dragon’s breath spell and gives the wearer considerable protection even against Firestorm, Thunderclap, Energy bolt etc. The armour gives no protection against Direct attack magic and, as stated above, it counts as normal plate (AF5) against melee and ranged weapons.

New Skills Warlocks

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