New Skills Knights

Knight Special Abilities Sheet

Knights begin with 3 base abilities, he then selects one further skill at every rank beginning at rank 2.

Armour Expert (1st Rank)

The Knight is the only character who can wear a suit of plate without any penalties to Attack and Defence.

Track (1st Rank)

The Knight may attempt to track their opponents or prey animals across country (pg. 63). The Knight can follow trails up to three days old. Roll 1d20 less than or equal PERCEPTION to track quarry for one day before making another roll. An additional roll is required every time the trail crosses from one type of terrain to another (e.g from woodlands to hills), and also if the quarry fords a river. After three days the trails grow obscure and 1d4 is added to the 1d20 die roll for each day thereafter plus an extra 1dD6 for each snowfall or heavy storm that occurs.

Ride Warhorse (1st Rank)

All characters may ride a horse, but only knights, barbarians and some warlocks have had the long years of special training required to ride a warhorse (pg. 245).

Disarm technique (free choice skill)

The Knight is able to wtist an opponents sword out of his hand by catching the blade in the specially shaped guard of the Knight’s weapon. (Swords only) This skill comes into affect when a blow is aimed at the knight and the attacker scores a 20 for the hit roll (Always a miss) The knight then rolls 3d6 and if the roll’s result is higher than the opponents rank then the enemies weapon is wrenched from his grasp and flung 1d6 metres away.

Weaponskill (free choice skill)

A separate weaponskill governs the use of each melee weapon, so this skill must be selected more than once if the knight desires special mastery of several weapon types. When fighting with the weapon specific to his Weaponskill, the character adds 1 to armour bypass rolls.

Master Bowman (free choice skill)

The Knight adds +1 to Armour Bypass rolls for arrows (not quarrels, the crossbow is not covered by this skill). The Knight is also able to loose off arrows more quickly than an untrained archer; as well as shooting an arrow in his usual time to act in the COMBAT ROUND, the Knight has a 50% chance of being able to shoot a second at the end of that COMBAT ROUND.

Quick Draw (free choice skill)

This special ability only applies to daggers, shortswords and swords. Normally the drawing of a weapon is an action requiring one complete comba round, but a character with this skill can take his weapon from its scabbard and strike with it immediately (this is equivalent to the samurai skill of iai jutsu).

Swordmaster(free choice skill)

This special ability is only effective when the knight is using a sword (either one or two handed) the Knight may make a critical hit (a blow that requires no Armour Bypass roll) on a hit roll of a 1 or 2. This is twice the regular chance of a critical hit.

Main Gauche (free choice skill)

This skill enables the character to fight with two weapons simultanously – a one handed weapon such as a sword or axe in his main hand and a dagger or shortsword in his off hand. The secondary weapon may be used in either of two ways, and the character must decide at the start of every combat round which of these two options he is using.
• The secondary weapon may be used as a guard, giving +2 to the character’s DEFENCE. (Any bonus from a magical off hand weapon is also added).
• The character can strike with both weapons at once, making a separate to hit roll for each weapon. His DEFENCE is zero for that round. Both blows must be at the same opponent. The oppnent’s DEFENCE counts fully against both blows, as DEFENCE is only split against multiple attackers, not multiple blows made by one attacker.

Dual Wield (free choice skill)

To choose this skill one must have Main Gauche already learnt (Dragon Warriors, pg. 27) These techniques add to Main Gauche and allows the following two abilities:
• The ability to wield two x one handed weapons of choice, one in each hand.
• The character can strike with both weapons at once at the same or two separate targets, making a separate to hit roll for each weapon.. Both oppnent’s DEFENCE counts fully against both blows, as DEFENCE is only split against multiple attackers, not multiple blows made by one attacker. As a more skilful dual wielder now his DEFENCE is half normal for that round.

Fighting Stances(free choice skill)

Knights the world over, from Ellesland to the Continent as far as the Southern lands of the Crusades have been tutored by warrior trainers since the days of the Selentine Empire. Many warriors promote different styles of combat and there are many skills and nuances for the complete warrior to learn. Some nations promote a more aggressive fighting style, while others suggest to be balanced in your training, while still more eschew reckless attack for grinding patient defense. A knight may choose one of the Stances or styles below, each stance counts as one skill choice, and they do not stack, every combat round the knight must declare which stance he is in.

• Aggressive adds +2 to Attack
• Balanced adds +1 to Att and +1 to Def
• Defensive adds +2 to Defence

Example: Sir Jacob the 6th Rank Knight has spent many long days training with his swordsmaster at the castle and now finally has learnt to excel in the aggressive and defensive combat stances. When he enters into combat he can be in either the aggressive stance, where he recieves +2 to attack OR the defensive stance where he recieves +2 to defence, he will never recieve the benefits of both stances at the same time as he must declare his stance at the beginning of each combat round.

Shielding (free choice skill)

This skill is similar to a Warlock’s arrow cutting ability (Dragon Warriors page 39). If the Knight sees a missile (except a crossbow bolt which travels too fast for the eye) launched at him he may attempt to block it by raising his shield. The Knight must be able to time his defence so can not be doing anything else at the time (melee etc.) The Knight can use his defence to deflect the incoming missile (so full defense is counted). If more missiles are fired at him, he will have to split his defense, it is not possible to block more than two missiles in one turn. The skill covers other thrown weapons, like slingshot, daggers, javelins, spears, axes and arrows.

New Skills Knights

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