New Skills Barbarians

Barbarian Special Abilities Sheet

Barbarians and Armour

Barbarian’s recieve -2 to ATTACK and DEFENSE for wearing Plate Armour. Any other armour incurs no ATTACK or DEFENSE penalties.

Barbarians begin with 3 base abilities, he then selects one further skill at every rank beginning at rank 2(Note Blood Rage must be your 8th rank choice)

Climb (1st Rank) Barbarians are in the main, expert athletes and supremely fit and strong, they are able to scale cliffs, walls, trees and other surfaces other classes fear to even look up at. This enables them to modify the usual climbing rules (pg 63). When a Barbarian wishes to climb a wall or cliff etc, half the Barbarians rank (rounded up) is subtracted from the difficult factor of the climb.

Track (1st Rank) The Barbarian may attempt to track their opponents or prey animals across country (pg. 63). The Barbarian can follow trails up to three days old. Roll 1d20 less than or equal PERCEPTION to track quarry for one day before making another roll. An additional roll is required every time the trail crosses from one type of terrain to another (e.g from woodlands to hills), and also if the quarry fords a river. After three days the trails grow obscure and 1d4 is added to the 1d20 die roll for each day thereafter plus an extra 1dD6 for each snowfall or heavy storm that occurs.

Berserk (1st Rank) Barbarians are able to make more powerful attacks at the cost of neglecting DEFENSE. The barbarian may temporarily add 1 point to ATTACK for each 3 points subtracted from DEFENSE for that combat round.

Improve Strength (free choice skill) Barbarians admire brute strength in their warriors and will work hard to improve their strength. Taking this skill allows the character to add +1 to their strength score. This can improve combat factors, encumbrance, resistance to poison etc. This skill can be taken 3 times but can’t take strength higher than (natural) 18.

Dodge (free choice skill) A Barbarian’s combat style relies on speed and mobility, and years of training and battle practise allow some to increase their agility to better avoid being hit. A Barbarian with this skill can roll a d6 and on a 1 the blow is completely avoided. A Barbarian can not use this skill while using a shield as it throws off their balance.

Mighty Blow (free choice skill) The Barbarian’s weapon of choice are large 2 handed swords, or battle axes, etc, as these weapons do great damage. A Barbarian with this skill inflicts double the normal damage on a critical hit when armed with a 2 handed weapon.

Master Bowman (free choice skill) The Barbarian adds +1 to Armour Bypass rolls for arrows (not quarrels, the crossbow is not covered by this skill). The Barbarian is also able to loose off arrows more quickly than an untrained archer; as well as shooting an arrow in his usual time to act in the COMBAT ROUND, the Barbarian has a 50% chance of being able to shoot a second at the end of that COMBAT ROUND.

Inner Sense (free choice skill) Whenever a Barbarian with this technique comes within one metre of a pit, obstacle, being, or trap (even in pitch blackness), he will sense it if the character rolls under the PSYCHIC TALENT score on 1d20. The roll is made by the GM.

Unarmed Combat (free choice skill) When using unarmed combat, this technique allows the Barbarian to make Armour Bypass Rolls with a d6 and inflict 3 points of damage on a succesful blow.

Ride Warhorse (free choice skill) All characters may ride a horse, but only knights, barbarians and some warlocsk have had the long years of special training required to ride a warhorse (pg. 245).

Main Gauche (free choice skill) This skill enables the character to fight with two weapons simultanously – a one handed weapon such as a sword or axe in his main hand and a dagger or shortsword in his off hand. The secondary weapon may be used in either of two ways, and the character must decide at the start of every combat round which of these two options he is using.
• The secondary weapon may be used as a guard, giving +2 to the character’s DEFENCE. (Any bonus from a magical off hand weapon is also added).
• The character can strike with both weapons at once, making a separate to hit roll for each weapon. His DEFENCE is zero for that round. Both blows must be at the same opponent. The oppnent’s DEFENCE counts fully against both blows, as DEFENCE is only split against multiple attackers, not multiple blows made by one attacker.

Dual Wield (free choice skill) To choose this skill one must have Main Gauche already learnt (Dragon Warriors, pg. 27) These techniques add to Main Gauche and allows the following two abilities:
• The ability to wield two x one handed weapons of choice, one in each hand.
• The character can strike with both weapons at once at the same or two separate targets, making a separate to hit roll for each weapon.. Both oppnent’s DEFENCE counts fully against both blows, as DEFENCE is only split against multiple attackers, not multiple blows made by one attacker. As a more skilful dual wielder now his DEFENCE is half normal for that round.

Blood rage (must choose at 8th Rank only) A Barbarian may enter BLOODRAGE during any combat the Barbarian has taken a wound. The Barbarian begins to bellow and roar terrible war-oaths, foam drools from his mouth, and the Barbarian’s eyes glaze with insensate fury. The following effects take place:
• Any unranked character attacked by the Barbarian is 80% likely to flee in terror, even those of 1st to 2nd ranks have a 25% chance of immediate retreat.
• Under BLOODRAGE, the Barbarian may not use missile weapons. The Barbaian will alway seek close combat with foes, attacking with an enhances ATTACK score equal to the Barbarian’s normal ATTACK plus his DEFENSE score. The Barbarian loses all interest in parrying, however, and the Barbarian’s DEFENSE goes temporarily to zero. Armour Bypass rolls are not affected, but any blow that gets past an enemy’s armour scores an extra 1HP of damage.
• The Barbarian feels no pain. The Barbarian will fight until either victorious or dead (i.e -3HP).
• The Barbarian’s battle-craziness cannot be abated by mind controlling spells. A spell such as Enslave has no effect on the Barbarian while under the effects of the bloodrage.
• When all enemies have either fallen or fled battle, the Barbarian will turn to any other available target of his fury, companions included. To shrug off the Bloodrage and return to normal, the character must roll under his INTELLIGENCE score on 1d20. The Barbarian attempts this roll at the start of every combat round. If failed, the Barbarian must spend the round pursuing or fighting the nearest available opponent. Once the Intelligence roll is made, the Barbarian calms down and returns to normal.

New Skills Barbarians

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