New Profession - Ranger

Rangers are woodsmen, attuned with the wilderness. They are formidable scouts and trackers. Rangers have a magical affinity with the natural world that gives them spells that affect animals, plants and the elements. Most of all the Ranger is the master of the bow, at the penalty of other types of weapon.

Rangers are invariably human, though rumours of Elven* rangers abound.

Character creation summary

  • Strength, Reflexes, Intelligence, Psychic talent and Looks, roll 3d6.
    (Reflexes must be at least 12, and Psychic Talent and Intelligence must be at least 9 to qualify as a Ranger)

Core Attributes

  • Health Points. Roll 1D6+5
  • Basic ATTACK 12, DEFENCE 6
  • Basic EVASION 4
  • Initially equipped with Hardened Leather Armour, Bow, Quiver with 10 Arrows, Backpack, Flint and Tinder, Lantern, Sword, Axe or Spear, 2-20 Florins.

Rising in rank

The Ranger uses the Assassins ranking progress chart. +1 to attack each rank. +1 to defense on 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th rank etc. +1 health point per rank. +1 to magical defense per rank. +1 to evasion at 5th and 9th rank. +1 to stealth and evasion per rank.

Rangers and Armour

Wearing Armour Rangers can wear any armour except Plate, which impedes their casting. They favour leather and Ring mail however as they dislike the STEALTH penalties imposed by Chain mail. A Ranger suffers no Stealth Penalty for wearing Leather or Ring mail armour. They are -2 to Attack and Defence if they wear chain mail and -4 to Attack/Defence and Magical Attack if they don plate armour.

Profession-specific Skills

Survival (1st rank)

The ranger is so at one with the forest that he can automatically find food, water and shelter within the forest.

Casting Spells (1st rank onwards)

A Ranger’s magic operates just like a Sorcerer’s* (though the spells themselves are different). The Ranger can cast spells whose level does not exceed his rank, and in doing so he expends Magic Points equal to the spell’s level. A Ranger has lower reserves of magical energy than a Sorcerer* of the same rank, however:

Ranger’s Rank Magic Points
1st 2
2nd 4
3rd 6
4th 8
5th 10
6th 12 etc

All magic points are regained at Dawn. A Ranger’s magic points are exactly equivalent to a Sorcerer’s* magic points. It is only possible for the Ranger to cast spells equal to or less than his Rank.

Tracking & Recognising animal tracks (2nd rank)

The Ranger can track in exactly the same way as an Assassin. Additionally the ranger can automatically recognise normal animal tracks in the wild, with no skill roll. The ranger can make a skill roll to attempt to recognise unknown or unfamiliar tracks of a different origin, by rolling equal or under his rank on a d20. Even with a failed roll simple details can be gleaned just by asking the GM. Once a creature has been met, tracked or fought with it becomes part of the Ranger’s known tracked species and does not require a further roll. (It is up to the player’s and GM together to note or remember which creatures the ranger has track knowledge of.

Master Bowman (3rd rank onwards)

At third rank the Ranger profession is so comfortable with the use of the bow (or longbow) that he gains 2 to the use of all bows for combat (2 to attack), this is their primary weapon. They develop all other weapon skills normally until they reach 3rd Level, then they must select one weapon group, the weapons in this group can be used with the Ranger’s normal ATTACK and DEFENCE skill, however other weapons are used at -3 ability (-3 to attack). Many long hours are required to keep the master bowman’s skill at this level and his other martial weapon skills suffer as a result.

Weapon Group I
Flail, Mace, Morningstar
Weapon Group II
Dagger, Shortsword, Sword
Weapon Group III
Halberd, Staff, Spear
Weapon Group IV
Two handed sword
Weapon Group V
Weapon Group VI
Crossbow, Javelin, Sling, Thrown dagger, rock, etc.
Weapon Group VII
Cudgel, Unarmed combat

Enchanted Bowyer/Fletcher (4th, 6th and 8th ranks)

Enchantment of Magical Bows and Arrows As per Mystic*, however the Ranger can only make Bows, Longbows and Arrows, and no other weapons or armour. +1 Items at 4th Rank, +2 at 6th Rank and +3 items at 8th Rank.

Beast Companion (5th rank)

The Ranger is so attuned to nature that he may commune with the animal kingdom and take an animal companion as his loyal ally. He may choose to have any animal companion from the list below or roll randomly as you prefer. The animal is a larger version of the normal species and thus maybe of higher rank than normal, and more importantly it is able to talk to the Ranger through telepathy within a range of 100 metres. The sacred bond of loyalty and companionship that the ranger and its animal ally swear to each other means that if the animal dies the Ranger may not take a new companion for 1 month. All creatures have the following base statistics.

Attack 18 (bite or claw d8,5)
Defense 8
Magic Defense 3
Health points 10
Evasion 5
Stealth 10
Perception 6
Reflexes 10

However different creatures have different abilities which modify those base stats as per the list below:

1 – Tiger; + 4 to perception (darksight), + 4 to stealth, + 1d6 health points, + 1 damage
2 – Panther; + 6 to perception (panoptical), + 6 to stealth, + climb skill
3 – Wolf; + 3 to track and recognise track rolls, 1 mile communication distance with wolfcall
4 – Bat; flight, + 9 to perception (panoptical), small target
5 – Eagle; flight, + 12 to perception in daylight(eagle eyes), small target, evasion + 1
6 – Snake; + 10 to stealth, medium poison on succesful bite, + 2 to perception (darksight)
7- Bear; + 2d6 health points, + 1 damage
8 – Dog; + 5 to track and recognise track rolls, Man’s best friend (can absorb or take the damage from one wound per combat from its Ranger ally if side by side)
9 – Boar; + 1d6 health points, resistant to magic (+ 5 magic defense)
10- Hyena; + 6 to perception (panoptical), resistant to magic (+ 5 magic defense)

Deadly Aim (6th rank)

The Ranger does a critical hit on a roll of 1 or 2 with bowfire.

Bow Mastery (7th rank)

The Ranger gains the ability to shoot two arrows per combat round, each hit is rolled for separately. They also gain +1 Armour Penetration.

Ranger’s nature magic spells

Spells of Level One

Cause Rain
It begins to rain with a 5M radius, even if in a desert or underground. Two Litres of drinkable water can be collected if the proper preparations are made. The water is clean and fresh.

Scare Animal
Match caster’s MAGICAL ATTACK against the animals MAGICAL DEFENSE The Ranger can scare away any natural creature of Rank 5 or less. It will instantly run away from the caster for ten minutes.

Wild Bounty
The Ranger causes a nearby bush, plant or even rock to bloom with small purple berries, that give enough sustenance for a meal for two.

A small fire bursts from the ground, it has no need for fuel and has a strange red flame. It gives off heat, can be cooked on and will dry clothes, however it will not spread, cannot light a torch or set something on fire, the magical campfire last six hours or until dawn, whichever comes first.

Spells of Level Two

Cat’s Eyes
The Ranger’s eyes change to look like those of a cat, he can now see at night as if he had Darksight*.

Wilderness Running
The Ranger can run on almost any horizontal surface, other than pooled or running water at his normal rate. This includes snow, mud, broken ground, swamp and thick undergrowth.

Blazing Arrow
Match spells SPEED 14 vs target’s EVASION.
Range 30m
The Ranger must have his bow and be able to use it normally to cast this spell. It creates a flaming arrow, that does not harm the bow or caster. The arrow is magical and can be launched at any target. It causes 1d6+6 Health Points damage, reduced by the Target’s Armour Factor. Unaffected by Arrow Cutting* or Mantlet*.

Heal Lesser Injury
Range: Touch
The spell instantly restores 2 Health to a wounded character, the total healed cannot exceed the characters unwounded health score.

Spells of Level Three

Arrow of Slumbers
The Ranger must have their bow to use this magic. The next arrow they fire becomes a ghostly white, if it strikes its target and overcomes their armour, and if they are level 3 or less, then they fall into a natural sleep, for 1D20 combat rounds. Unaffected by Arrow Cutting* or Mantlet*.

One target is affected by a tangle of magical creepers which sprout from the ground ensnaring his legs if he fails to evade. Once trapped he is caught and immobilised . With an edged weapon it is possible to break free in 2d4 Combat Rounds, beings of great Strength (16 +) can break free in 1d3 rounds but it takes animals such as Wolves* 2d6 rounds to chew and claw free.
Range 15m.
Spell Expiry Roll Applies.
Match spell’s Speed of 14 vs target’s Evasion.

Spy Stone
The spell allows the ranger to create a magical stone, this stone is empowered for 1D4 hours, then its enchantment fades. The stone can be dropped, thrown or shot using a sling. At will the caster can “sense” through the stone simply by concentrating. They have 360 degree vision, but only within a range of 10 metres. They can hear sounds in an equal range.

Wolf Call
This can be used only outdoors – in moorland, woods and dense forest. It summons one Wolf* (magically) to the caster’s side to fight for him. The wolf will arrive in 1d6 Combat Rounds and stay until the spell expires. Spell Expiry Roll Applies (when Wolf* arrives).

Spells of Level Four

Wall of Thorns
Around the caster grows 3 metre diameter wall of vicious thorns, the thorns always grow to the height of the casters waist. They remain until a spell expiry roll takes effect. Anything trying to cross this wall will take a (1d6, 3) attack per combat round. The thorns are flammable and will catch fire on a roll of 1 on 1D6 from any form of fire attack. If the caster moves then the magic is dispelled. The thorns do not protect the caster from aerial attacks, however they do offer +3 defence vs missile fire.

Bark Skin
This spell only works if the ranger is wearing no armour at all. The spell causes the casters body to be covered in a growth of thick bark, that is formed like plate mail and protects for the same value. The spell is affected by a spell expiry roll.

Forest Sight
The ranger can see his normal visual range within a forest, as if the trees were not there. They actually appear as ghostly images. Magical forest creatures, such as Elves*, Dryads*, Okemen* and Pixies* appear as faint glowing auras, unless they are hidden by magic.

Hidden Target
As per Mystic* spell, but only effective with bows.

Spells of Level Five

Command Wild Beasts
10 + Rangers Rank minus creatures rank, Spell Expiry roll affects.
This spell will affect any non-magical non-domesticated creature, such as Wolves*, Bears*, Tigers*, Boars* and birds. The spell will affect 1D4 targets, if the Ranger succeeds the creatures will fight on his behalf, assist him in some way or leave his presence upon command. If the animals fight they will only do so until they are wounded then they will immediately try and flee. An animal can only be commanded do things it would naturally do, so a mouse could chew through a rope, a bird could fly to the top of a tree and retrieve a small item and so forth.

This Spell reduces the potency of poisons or drugs in the character’s bloodstream by one level (ie from Strong to Normal or from Normal to Weak). The spell must be applied within one Combat Round of the character being poisoned. It does not reverse any damage or other effects already inflicted by the poison.
Range 5m.

Tree Running
The Ranger can climb trees without a skill roll, he is then able to run across tree tops as if they were even ground, however he must still leap any gaps between trees as per normal jumping rules. The spell terminates as soon as the Ranger touches the ground again or stops moving for 5 minutes.

Hoarfrost Shot
Range 30m
The Ranger can shoot a magical freezing arrow from their bow, the arrow causes 2D6+5 damage, reduced by armour. The Ranger uses their bow skill, not their magical attack. The range of the attack is 30m. Unaffected by Arrow Cutting* or Mantlet*.

Spells of Level Six

Tree Merging
The Ranger can merge themselves into the wood of a single tree, they become perfectly camouflaged. The ranger can still see and hear as normal. Whilst merged with the tree the Ranger is treated as having Armour Rank 6 and double their Health. The spell is only broken if the Ranger leaves the tree or the tree is felled. The ranger does not need to eat or drink whilst in this state, taking sustenance from the tree itself.

Heal Major Injury
Range: Touch The spell instantly restores 7 Health to a wounded character, the total healed cannot exceed the characters unwounded health score.

Zone of Silence
Range: 20m This creates a stationary invisible sphere of silence, no noise can travel in or out of the area. The sphere is 5 metres across and does not move. All magic users, except for mystics are prohibited from casting their spells while within the sphere.

Dryad’s Bow
This spell instantly causes a leafy bow and quiver of ten arrows to grow from the nearest plant, even if it is only a weed in a dungeon. The bow is 3 and has the range of a long bow, against Orcs, Goblins and Hobgoblins the bow does (D83, 5+3), against other creatures the bow does (D6+3, 4+3). The spell is subject to a spell expiry roll. This bow can be used with all the other Ranger bow based magic. If the bow is handled by anyone but the caster it is little more use than a stick.

Spells of Level Seven

Hunter’s Missile
The next arrow shot by the Ranger will automatically hit its desired target, no matter where they are in relation to the Ranger, so long as they are within bow range, the arrow will even chase them through woodland and around rocks. When it hits it does 2D10 damage, reduced by armour. Unaffected by Arrow Cutting* or Mantlet*.

Rain of Stones
This spell can be cast outside or underground, but not in buildings. From the air dozens of fist sized rocks clatter down, on between 1-8 opponents (rolled), the rocks do 1D10 damage to each enemy, reduced by armour. The shower then ceases, leaving rocks strewn all over the place.

This can only be used outside or underground. A patch of ordinary earth up to 5m by 5m suddenly turns into liquid mud. Anyone trapped in this mud will begin to sink. Players must make a reflexes roll against a difficulty of 13 + their armour rating or drown in the choking filth. Drowning players take 2d6 damage per round, they may attempt a reflexes roll each round. The spell is affected by a spell expiry roll.

Endure Weather
The ranger can resist all types of weather; they do not suffer any effect from any type of weather no matter how severe. Even direct lightning strikes do not hamper them. The spell has a duration of 12 Hours. In addition to this affect the Ranger gain +4 Magical Defence against weather based magic, or effects of Elemental* based spells.

Spells of Level Eight

Mist Cloud
This creates an impenetrable fog around the caster to a diameter of 30m and height of 5m. The caster can see normally, but all other creatures within the fog that rely on eyesight are only able to see 3m in front of them at any time.

The Ranger can enter a deep slumber, from which he cannot be roused by normal means. Whilst in this sleep the Ranger regenerates wounds at the rate of 4 Health per day. They also double their Strength for the purpose of resisting poison and disease. The Ranger does not need food, water or heat to survive. They can remain in this state for up to three months. The Ranger can awaken himself in five minutes.

Call of the Wild
This powerful version of Wolfcall, summons 2D4 random creatures from the list below to fight for the caster. The creatures arrive in 1D6 combat rounds and disappear on spell expiry roll. It may only be cast while outdoors. 1 Tigers* 2-10 Wolves* 11-16 Wild Boars* 17-20 Bears*

Sleep Ward
This spell creates a 10m warding around the caster; it glows with a pale white misty quality. Anything crossing the boundary of the Sleep Ward causes a loud shrill alarm to sound within the Ranger’s ears. If the thing crossing the ward has a hostile intent towards the Ranger or his companions within the ward they take 1D6 damage directly to their health. Even Spirits* and Ghosts* will set off this warding. However the magic only works from when the Ranger falls to sleep to when he awakens.

Spells of Level Nine

Summon Jack in Green
This spell can only be cast in woods or forests, it summons a woodland Spirit*, called Jack in Green, he appears as a tall manlike being with green, barklike skin, grasping talons and vines growing all over his body, which seem to emanated from his nostrils. The Jack in Green will fight for the caster, his stats are as follows :

Strength 18 Reflexes 13 Attack 30 Defence 24 Evasion 8 Magical Defence 17 Armour Factor 6 Health Points 25 Claws (1d8 + 2, 8) Movement Rate 10m (20m)

The Jack in Green can only be summoned once per day. He returns to his plane when defeated or when the spell ends. If 2 Rangers command 2 Jack in Green to attack one another they will be freed from the control of either summoner, will merge and wreak havoc before returning to their own world. Spell Expiry Roll Applies.

Beast Skin
The Ranger takes on a bestial nature, they add +3 to their Attack and Defence, their Strength and Reflexes become 18. Their body becomes covered in thick hide like skin, talons sprout from their hands and feet, and great antlers spring from their brows. They cannot uses any weapons in this form, but their natural weapons do (1d10, 6) and are treated as magical weapons. The Ranger has Armour 7, which does not hamper his mobility. Many believe that the creature the ranger becomes is an ancient shamanic animal, other say it is the Devil* himself.

Bow Trance
The Ranger becomes one with his bow, he gains +6 to his Bow Skill, can fire three arrows per combat round and all missile modifiers are halved and the range of the bow is doubled. The Ranger can only move to get into a better position to fire his bow, his Defence is halved.

Wilderness Invisibility
Whilst outdoors the Ranger is completely invisible, even when moving, he only reappears when he attacks an enemy and then disappears again immediately. He gains an automatic surprise against opponents on his first attack, on a 1-2 on D6 there after. A spell expiry roll cancels the magic.

New Profession - Ranger

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