House rules for Blinding status

Blinded will become a status, a character who is blinded through an effect like a flash pellet or a spell like blinding flash will get an elastic band on his figure, and he will suffer blinded status for his next turn, no matter where he comes in the reflexes order.

Example 1:

Assassin drops a flash pellet at reflexes 18, 3 characters are in range, and are on reflexes 17,16 and 15. They are all blinded for their next action.

Example 2:

Mystic casts blinding flash, but he is acting second in the round, 2 ghouls act after him, and the ghoul leader has acted before him. The 2 ghouls suffer their next round as blinded, and then in the next whole round, the ghoul leader (who has had an elastic band put on him to remind us he is affected by blind) must suffer a round of blindness.

So anyone who gets blinded, will always suffer 1 (or more) rounds of blindness, irrespective of initiative order.

Anyone can attack into an area that completely obscures line of sight (like some spells, vampires mist or an assassins smoke jar) but the chance to hit is 1 in 20, only a critical or lucky hit will allow you to shoot into an area where there is no line of sight and score a hit, anything else is a miss.

Gm does have discretion to add a few bonus points to this in special circumstances : the assassin being rooted to the floor by a spell in the round before etc, but the situation where people need over 50% chance to hit a character hiding behind an effect which is supposed to completely obscure line of sight is not going to come up again.

The only exemption from these penalties is the warlock using the “fight blind” ability/spell. He attacks at his full scores. This now makes this ability/spell actually useful.

House rules for Blinding status

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