Heroes of the Past

Logen the Barbarian travelled from the gnawing wastes to end up in Albion. The youthful but noble hearted warrior fought in his offensive berserking style side by side since the early days when the troubles first began in Albion. Seeing many friends and comrades fall as Civil war and conflict wracked the islands, only for himself to finally fall in the great gladiatorial collessum at Criggen Varras, slain by the spear of the noted thane Bjorn the Red Handed.

Logan dead

Friar Marcus had journeyed with the companions for several months, since the events in the village of St. Stephens. Several adventures and escapades had been succesfully navigated by the pious and brave holy man, who helped his comrades with advice and divine prayers on many occassions. It was on a fateful night, in the cemetary of Clyster, where Marcus met his end, his prayers and spells set to save his comrades he was finally shot down by the black fletched arrows of the skeleton archers under the sway of Tenebron the Vampire Lord.

Marcus dead

Gothryd joined the party less than a month ago, when he returned from the south with news of the Baron’s victory. Accompanying the group to the north he helped defeat Kerrol the wood witch and Garambar the boar king. He met his end, under a hail of Elven arrows on a rainswept watch tower as he and his companions fought the Earl of Montombre’s troops.

Gothryd dead

Jarvis the warlock was slain very early on in the adventurer’s illustrious career in a terrible battle against a malevolent undead spirit known as “A white lady”. Cursed with a debilitating disease Jarvis succumbed to his wounds moments before the battle was won, he was buried nearby.


Alwyn the young sorceror was defeated and killed by the cruel nemesis of the party Duke Darian, a mad sorcerous despot who ruled Ereworn with an iron fist.


Phil was a youthful rogue, a thief and assassin, but perhaps most shocking of all, a girl! For many months Philomina hid her secret and travelled with the companions on many adventures, she died in a viscious battle with a swarm of giant spiders, finally falling as she succumbed to multiple poisonous bites.


Heroes of the Past

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