Achievements Unlocked

Have you completed the campaign? Are you an experienced, battlescarred veteran who’s seen it all before?
Judge for yourself with the campaign achievements!

Above beyond ul Unlocked: Dave, Thad, James, Rich, Paul

Close shave ul

Fallen hero ul

Fel voice silenced ul Unlocked: Gothryd RIP, Logen, Ronin, Brion, Marcus

Gods laid to rest ul

Hack n slash ul Unlocked: Logen, Ronin

Im not addicted ul

Loot whore ul

Pew pew ul
Unlocked: Corvin, Marcus

Snack attack ul Unlocked: Dave, James, Thad, Paul, Rich

Stone cold killer ul Unlocked: Logen

Story teller ul Unlocked: Paul, Rich, James, Thad, Dave

Achievements Unlocked

Sleeping Gods Regor