Sleeping Gods

The reign of old Ned ends
Cornered in his lair the beast was slain!

Neds lair

For many months a wily, spiteful and viscious hobgoblin by the name of old Ned had plagued the villages and farms in the vale of Ereworn, turning milk sour, withering crops before harvest, stealing babies and young maidens and killing lone travellers.

His fearsome and frightening reign finally came to an end when the youthful adventuring party tracked the beast to his lair, deep in the woods and slew him with cold steel and crackling magic.

- The Games Master

Rune 08

The Orc slaver's camp destroyed!
Ereworn freed of slave raids


The adventurers took on another dangerous mission for the common merchants, farmers and herdsmen of Ereworn Vale,and defeated a dastardly villain, Grimrock the ogre chieftain and his blackrock orc tribe are no more, villages near and far are safe from slave capturing raids now. The Chieftain lies dead and the orcs have skulked back into the mountains, they will not pose a threat again for many a long year.

- The Games Master
Duke Darian is dead!
The party's nemesis is killed

Darians castle

The noble adventurers ventured back to the dark and shadowy corridors of Duke Darian's castle for the third time, in an attempt to finally slay the arch sorceror and put his reign and the Blight which was affecting Ereworn to an end. After an epic combat, finally, the Duke and his numerous and varied minions lay dead or fleeing, and the Blight was lifted. A poignant end to an extremely difficult and lengthly mission, as the party's former companion Phil - A rogueish warrior lost his life in those self same dark halls, bitten to death by poisonous giant spiders!

- The Games Master

Rune 06

Rimfax's plans are thwarted!
The portal is closed, the blight is ended, Ereworn is free.

Demon portal

After a campaign of many months, and not inconsiderable setbacks, the adventurers finally defeated the evil creatures who maintained the curse on the land of Ereworn, once the power was broken and the three villains (Darian, Grimrock and old Ned) lay dead, the way was cleared to enter the demon portal and destroy Rimfax their demon master, and the true power behind the Blight on the land.

Utilising the power of Albus, a holy magic sword and with the advice of Elvaron, the long dead Elven mage ringing in their ears the party took on and slew Rimfax’s aspect of a skeletal demonic horse, escaping the shadowy realm literally moments before the portal was shut with shuddering force and the wards of magic, long dormant in Ereworn were reignited to protect the land.

Whether Rimfax is permanently dead or destroyed is conjecture, a demon lord of his stature is difficult to slay, but certainly any plans he had have been completely disrupted if not destroyed but if nothing else, demon’s are patient creatures.

- The Games Master

Atlantean sword

The Battle of Breylak Plains
The balance of power shifts

Medieval battle

Aldred's emmissary arrives at the castle, having ridden for more than a week from the Plains of Breylak in the South. A hastily convened meeting of almost the whole garrison heard details of a mighty battle that was fought between Baron Aldred's army and Duke Grisaille's forces.

The Ereworn longbowmen acquited themselves well, softening up the enemy infantry allowing the allied spearmen of that land to safely hold the flanks, a crucial charge by Aldred and his mounted knights struck the enemy lines at a divinely favoured moment and the centre of Grisaille’s formation was swept away. An almost total rout followed, the butchery and mayhem which ensued has seen Grisaille’s power smashed.

- The Games Master

Rune 03

The rewards of danger
The party's treasure hoard...

Treasure hoard

Returning from Ereworn after having plundered the tombs of several dastardly monsters and evil villains the party now have considerable wealth, they have traded with the garrison's quarter master and sold all excess arms and armour, and traded with local merchants to upgrade any bulky chests of silver or gold coins to more easily carried pouches of gems and jewels.

The Party’s current total wealth is 3 pouches of gems with a combined value of 1,500 gold pieces.

(OOC: I have tidied up and rewritten all the player’s character sheets, all small items of loot on small bits of scrap paper and all gold, goblets, candlesticks etc and captured armour or weapons has been totalled up and sold at a large town’s prices – so players are better able to start with new note taking for the next chapter of the game

- The Games Master

Kerrol the Wood Witch
A village under threat

Kerrol the wood witch 01

The party answered the call from the Priest and some inhabitants of the village of St. Stephens which is a settlement in the North East of Baron Aldred's fief. Accompanying Lord Almeric and Sir Grisso the adventurers arrived to follow up on information that a shepherd had been murdered in strange circumstances.

After a night’s questioning and rest, the party set out into the snow covered wilderness to track down more clues, they already had several leads and things to muse upon as it seemed the village was indeed split into two factions, those who worshipped ancient pagan spirits and those who adhered to the new faith.

An ambush occurred upon the forest track of Rowanswood as the party were out searching for ingredients which were said to break the spell of, and make vulnerable a malicious Fey creature known as Kerrol the wood witch, otherwise known as the Bramble queen. The party fought off an attack by thorn demons, and had been able to find two pieces of the puzzle, mistletoe berries and holly branches, but no rowan wood was to be found, even in the forest of that name. It seemed as if someone, or something was destroying all examples of the wood.

Returning to the village to rest, after the battle, the party gathered the villagers and offered a bounty for anyone who could supply them with good stout rowan wood, from the handles of tools or implements. Although some of the villagers attempted to block this from happening, the call was answered and the adventurers were succesful in gathering a stout rowan broom handle, which they sharpened into two staves.

Arming themselves with the knowledge gained from speaking to the wise man and woman of the village, the adventurers went to the Lake, which was found to be frozen almost solid, although a somewhat careful crossing was needed, Brion, the druid found a way across and scouted the area on the isle at the centre of the lake, reporting back that there were pagan standing stones, some tents and several thorn demons, which seemed lifeless and unmoving at that time.

The whole party made their way across the frozen lake by hauling themselves across on a rope, in a borrowed boat, and readied themselves with spell, weapon and items of ritual. A hermit, or druid of the locale appeared and warned the group off, but after careful spell use showed him to be of evil intent, he was struck down by Logen with a mighty blow from his two handed battle axe. The blood from the corpse spattered across the nearby altar and the pagan tree spirits with Kerrol at their head, were awoken with thoughts of violence and retribution in mind.

A massive battle occurred in the clearing at the centre of the lake, between the standing stones, as the party attempted to enact the ritual, of crowning the wood witch with holly and smiting her with rowan wood, while holding mistletoe about their bodies as protective wards. The thorn demons at her command, and even the earth, with jaggged roots and bristling thorns smote and tore at the party, causing grievous wounds.

Sir Ronin the Knight was felled, not once, but twice, attempting to hold back the rending, scratching, clawing tide as his companion Friar Marcus blessed weapons and healed his comrades, holding his shield aloft to protect himself from blow after blow from the demons viscious claws.

This brought time for Logen the barbarian and Gothryd the warlock to attack Kerrol, with blade and magic, forcing her back and back, and beginning to cut away at her defences. Just when all seemed lost, and the battle was in the very balance, with one of their number down and bleeding to death, and another one wound away from unconsciousness and coup de grace, Brion the Druid stepped forth, and raised his magic mace on high, and brought it down to crush the last strand of life force within the malicious witches transformed wooden body.

The party returned to the village with some small loot, and recounted their exploits to the grateful (for the most part) villagers, and their comrades Sir Grisso and Lord Almeric, who had been dispatched with some able bodied miners and farmers from the village to search the Ironstone mine.

Success assured, and safety for the village, the adventurers rested for two nights as the snows cleared from the high mountain pass and their wounds healed before returning on the 6 day journey south, back to Ravensbrook castle to meet the returning Baron Aldred at the head of his army.

It should be noted, that a mighty artifact The Dark Blade lay in the unexplored depths of Smithees mound, there it had lain for scores and scores of years, at the bottom of an icy cold pool of underground water. How long shall it there abide, unknown of, and untouched?

- The Games Master

Of Lords and Lands
The army returns...

Aldreds castle

The adventurers returned South from their adventure in the village of St. Stephens to wait for Baron Aldred at Castle Ravensbrook. In a few short days the army returned with Aldred and his war captains at its head.

A meeting was hastily convened in the Great Hall where Aldred advised the party of the political and military situation across Albion. A plan was arrived at, where the Baron would offer his patronage in return for the adventurers to undertake missions for him, which suited their exceptional skillset. Everyone bar Logen, the barbarian accepted the Baron’s offer of patronage.

Throughout the coldest snow bound months the armies are forced into winter retreat and it is the time of diplomacy and subterfuge. The group have been tasked with going to Glissom and assessing the situation there, to find out if any allies would be amenable to joining Aldred’s cause in return for gold and/or trade agreements. The Thane king of Thuland persists in his neutrality and the petty reaver warlords of Cornumbria squabble and will not choose sides, so now Aldred advises the net must be cast further afield.

Since the battle of Breylak, the Duke Grissaile’s military strength has taken a serious blow, but his political power with close ties to several royal families in Chaubrette means he is essentially untouchable from further sanctions or reprisal, it seems however that he has been knocked out of the running for the crown, leaving the Earl Montombre – the so called Elfin Earl as Aldred’s main competitor for Kingship of Albion.

While a war chest of gold is gathered by Aldred’s tax collectors, to be taken to Glissom by the adventurers another more pressing short mission has been handed out to the party. They must accompany Aldred’s son and wife – Lord Almeric and Lady Amarisa to Ravensbrook manor, which is far behind the front lines, to his fortified manor and ancestral home.

Leaving the following morning after having spoken to Mathor the court magician and a few other important individuals in regards to personal information and following up of clues, the party made steady progress and arrived at the manor house 3 days layer. Lady Amarisa, who is heavy with child was taken into the manor house and has not ventured outside, the journey was hard on her. The group passed the time in hunting wild boar, telling stories of legends, drinking and making friends in the local tavern and making sure security was sufficient to see Lady Amarisa was safe.

It was on one evening at the manor that Ronin and Logen spied something glinting in the woods, tracks were found, which were difficult to follow and ultimately lost. The next day, a further search was made, and 2 elves were run into by Brion, as he was investigating the area where he had picked up the psychic spoor, fortunately for the druid his magic cloak saved him from becoming an arrow filled pincushion and he used his magic to send a telepathic message to his comrades, the Elves were first driven off, chased and killed in short order, but their presence and their target is still guess work.

Gothryd also found 4 small Elven ponies with their tracks heading from the south west, the direction of the pagan mountains, this plus the presence of Elves has some party members concerned, are they affiliated with Earl Montombre? Are they just more local elves out hunting or attacking humans in spite? Are they part of some wider conspiracy that Aldred hinted at “The time of diplomacy, subterfuge and chicanery takes precedence to military matters while the snow lays heavy on the ground.”

The party have been tasked with making sure things are safe at the manorhouse before returning back to the castle and taking ownership of the war chest and leaving on the mission to Glissom. It would seem there are still some loose ends to tie up before the journey south can be made.

- The Games Master

Sins of the Fathers
The Boar king's reign is crushed!

Helvennians shield empt yblue

While out hunting the Elf interlopers tracks in the snow, the party heard Sir Grisso's horn blowing several notes from the northern forest. They rode as fast as their mounts could carry them over the snow covered landscape to find a scene of devastation on the path half a mile into the deeper forest. Several of the farm hands and villagers from the manor lay dead, and Lord Almeric stood alone in the road, holding his shield up high, it was pierced through with many arrows but he himself seemed unharmed.

The Baron’s son seemed very shaken up and told the party that Sir Grisso had been captured and dragged into a lair nearby, by creatures with the bodies of men, but the heads of wild beasts. As the companions bravely ventured off the track into the deep forest, Brion followed the spoor into a clearing where a great tunnel lay in the side of a hill, it was deep and dark and forbidding, magic was strong in the air, and he warned his companions this was a site of great importance, power and magic, and his words were proven true as Helvennian the silver stag of Albion stepped forth from the clearing to rout a pack of wolves that were about to ambush the party.

The ancient pagan god spoke to the group telepathically and explained that the lair of Garambar, the lord of beasts stood before them, Almeric urged the party to enter and help find and save Grisso while the Silver stag had another task for them; he bid them to venture deep within and find an item of great value that would aid the land in times to come, for a train of events centures in the making was coming to fruition and a mysterious, evil force was threatening Albion.

The dungeon was deep, it sloped down into the very earth, and the oppressive weight of tons of rock could be felt above them. The party battled hard, for some hours, fighting dire wolves, beast men, bears, sabre tooth tigers and panthers – a menagerie of beasts was under the control of Garambar.

Finally the deepest recess of the lair was pierced, and two pieces of news shook the party – the discovery of Sir Grisso’s body was discovered – he had been cruelly left to die, blinded and hanging in chains but even more shocking was the discovery of Lord Almeric’s body. His revenant or ghost, had brought them here, to avenge his loyal retainers death, his guilt had caused his restless spirit to stay on this side of the river of death while this last act was done, in an attempt to atone for his cowardice. With a pitiful wail, the guilt stricken spirit of the Baron’s side dissappeared to the other side.

Garambar rose from his throne, a might warrior, 12 feet tall, with the thickly muscled body of an ogre and the head of a boar, the king of beasts was a cruel and brutal enemy who chased the party out of his chamber. Sir Ronin, heroically stood while his comrades took up a better position and used his shield expertly – blocking blow after blow from the huge axe which would have surely sundered others in a single strike.

Meanwhile, Logen & Brion had formulated a plan, to bring the roof crashing down on the brutish boar king, and the party lured him out of his throne room, into the corridor, where the nimble barbarian clambered up to the roof, where roots and brambles held a great weight of stone in place tenously, and smote at the roots with his battleaxe. The web of roots and tree limbs holding up the tons of rock creaked, groaned and began to snap just as the beastmen guards which Garambar had summoned with his hunting horn rushed into the chamber from the south. Logen and Ronin dived out of the way at the last moment, as several hundred weight of boulders and earth came smashing down onto Garambar and some of his minions, instantly destroying them.

The party scrambled to regroup, for they had been separated by the cave in, Logen was alone and beastmen swarmed into the area where he stood alone, the grunting, growling half men had wicked vengeance in their hearts, to slay in the name of their fallen god, but they had not reckoned with the strength of a son of Wotan, a barbarian of the gnawing wastes was made of sterner stuff, and he met them head on. Roaring his battle oaths and with great overhand sweeps of his battle axe he slew beastman after beastman, until the corridor lay thick with dead and his cloak, face and body were spattered with their blood.

With their enemies dead, the group searched and took stock of their loot. Friar Marcus had found a legendary relic, a cross of St Justinian, Gothryd had found a +2 magic spear, a teleport scroll and the party had found 450 gold. Of Garambar’s body their was no sign, but most important of all, the shield that bore Helvennian’s mark had been found! The party regrouped and made their way back to the manor house and although they had won a great victory it had come at a terrible cost and with heavy hearts they told of Grisso and Almeric’s fate, to Jacob the manorhouse seneschal and the newly arrived Sir Orrin, a knight in service to Baron Aldred.

- The Games Master

Stone cold killer ul

The Ruined watchtower
Gothryd's last stand

Gothryd s last stand

After meeting with Sir Orrin and his troop of crossbowmen at the manor house, the companions have been told to return south immediately and bring the Baron the solemn news. Their wounds healed by their encounter with Helvennian the party made haste and left early the next morning, a full days riding brought them to within sight of the ruined watchtower as evening fell, and although Brion the druid advised that a flock of ravens and the gathering thunderclouds portended an ill omen the group decided to seek cover from the impending rain.

At some point before midnight, Sir Ronin heard a loud crashing noise in the trees and spied great trunks being toppled as a gigantic cyclops stepped from the forest and began making its way up the gentle rise towards the ruins where the adventurers camped, and this was not the least or only worry as a troop of elves, wearing dark green armour and carrying their now familiar and deadly elf bows moved through the undergrowth and copses swiftly. Ronin awoke his companions and hurried to mount his trusty steed – Invincible, as the others made hasty preparations.

Battle was opened spectacularly by Gothryd casting a gigantic HELLFIRE spell, setting the cyclops ablaze, the beast roared in pain and staggered forward as it tried to beat out the flames, for which it’s fur and leather armour were no protection. Misery was heaped upon the monster as Brion took aim and shot it directly in the eye with an amazing shot, blinding it, before Ronin struck it with his sword and his stoic warhorse smote it with a great kick of its iron shod hooves, crushing its skull and sending the towering and still smoking beast to the ground.

The Elves proved to be the more dangerous foe, the companions hunkered down behind the ruined walls waiting for their enemies to close, some javelins and bowfire was sent back in response but the arrow fire was accurate and deadly, and several wounds were caused. The party prepared to counter attack as the Elves closed in but then a great misery befell them; a particularly accurate fusillade of arrows sang through the night sky striking Gothryd not once, not twice but three times and knocked him from his saddle with blood in his lungs and then in his mouth. The newest member of the group expired there on the cold, rain soaked ground, beside his new companions. They had known him for less than a month, but his passing is mourned, for he was capable, wise and loyal.

The skirmish continued until the group had caused sufficient casualties on the cruel Elves to drive the enemy to retreat back down the hill. While Logen hacked with his axe, Brion slew with his bow and Ronin rode down several Elves, the whole party was ably supported by Friar Marcus’ divine rituals, but the holy man could do nothing to help Gothryd, the spirit had left his body.

The companions rushed down the hill after the fleeing elves just in time to see a magical portal, which had began collapsing in on itself, but not before they were able to discern the image of a castle’s interior, and on the walls some flags and heraldic symbols of the Earl Montombre!

- The Games Master



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