Sleeping Gods

The rewards of danger
The party's treasure hoard...

Treasure hoard

Returning from Ereworn after having plundered the tombs of several dastardly monsters and evil villains the party now have considerable wealth, they have traded with the garrison's quarter master and sold all excess arms and armour, and traded with local merchants to upgrade any bulky chests of silver or gold coins to more easily carried pouches of gems and jewels.

The Party’s current total wealth is 3 pouches of gems with a combined value of 1,500 gold pieces.

(OOC: I have tidied up and rewritten all the player’s character sheets, all small items of loot on small bits of scrap paper and all gold, goblets, candlesticks etc and captured armour or weapons has been totalled up and sold at a large town’s prices – so players are better able to start with new note taking for the next chapter of the game

- The Games Master

The Battle of Breylak Plains
The balance of power shifts

Medieval battle

Aldred's emmissary arrives at the castle, having ridden for more than a week from the Plains of Breylak in the South. A hastily convened meeting of almost the whole garrison heard details of a mighty battle that was fought between Baron Aldred's army and Duke Grisaille's forces.

The Ereworn longbowmen acquited themselves well, softening up the enemy infantry allowing the allied spearmen of that land to safely hold the flanks, a crucial charge by Aldred and his mounted knights struck the enemy lines at a divinely favoured moment and the centre of Grisaille’s formation was swept away. An almost total rout followed, the butchery and mayhem which ensued has seen Grisaille’s power smashed.

- The Games Master

Rune 03

Rimfax's plans are thwarted!
The portal is closed, the blight is ended, Ereworn is free.

Demon portal

After a campaign of many months, and not inconsiderable setbacks, the adventurers finally defeated the evil creatures who maintained the curse on the land of Ereworn, once the power was broken and the three villains (Darian, Grimrock and old Ned) lay dead, the way was cleared to enter the demon portal and destroy Rimfax their demon master, and the true power behind the Blight on the land.

Utilising the power of Albus, a holy magic sword and with the advice of Elvaron, the long dead Elven mage ringing in their ears the party took on and slew Rimfax’s aspect of a skeletal demonic horse, escaping the shadowy realm literally moments before the portal was shut with shuddering force and the wards of magic, long dormant in Ereworn were reignited to protect the land.

Whether Rimfax is permanently dead or destroyed is conjecture, a demon lord of his stature is difficult to slay, but certainly any plans he had have been completely disrupted if not destroyed but if nothing else, demon’s are patient creatures.

- The Games Master

Atlantean sword

Duke Darian is dead!
The party's nemesis is killed

Darians castle

The noble adventurers ventured back to the dark and shadowy corridors of Duke Darian's castle for the third time, in an attempt to finally slay the arch sorceror and put his reign and the Blight which was affecting Ereworn to an end. After an epic combat, finally, the Duke and his numerous and varied minions lay dead or fleeing, and the Blight was lifted. A poignant end to an extremely difficult and lengthly mission, as the party's former companion Phil - A rogueish warrior lost his life in those self same dark halls, bitten to death by poisonous giant spiders!

- The Games Master

Rune 06

The Orc slaver's camp destroyed!
Ereworn freed of slave raids


The adventurers took on another dangerous mission for the common merchants, farmers and herdsmen of Ereworn Vale,and defeated a dastardly villain, Grimrock the ogre chieftain and his blackrock orc tribe are no more, villages near and far are safe from slave capturing raids now. The Chieftain lies dead and the orcs have skulked back into the mountains, they will not pose a threat again for many a long year.

- The Games Master
The reign of old Ned ends
Cornered in his lair the beast was slain!

Neds lair

For many months a wily, spiteful and viscious hobgoblin by the name of old Ned had plagued the villages and farms in the vale of Ereworn, turning milk sour, withering crops before harvest, stealing babies and young maidens and killing lone travellers.

His fearsome and frightening reign finally came to an end when the youthful adventuring party tracked the beast to his lair, deep in the woods and slew him with cold steel and crackling magic.

- The Games Master

Rune 08


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