Giant forged two handed sword

weapon (melee)

This heavy bladed magical two handed sword has been forged from the heaviest metals and materials from deep within the mountain.

Its functions as two handed plus 3 sword, with the following statistics: (d10+3,8)

Additionally the Frost Giant smith who created this mighty blade imbued it with some magic of the deep & frozen North.

Once a day (recharges its “charge” at dawn) the wielder can call upon the magic within the blade to strike with the fury of a blizzard. The blade turns an icy sheen of blue, frost crystals appear along its length and icicles rapidly form at its edge.

Declare this frost attack before rolling to attack – (it is still possible to miss) – if you strike the enemy with the special frost imbued attack, you need not roll to bypass armour, the depths of cold and fury of the north assure that no armour (not even magic armour) is proof against the strike. The enemy takes damage as normal and is frozen solid until he can roll equal or under his strength on 4d6 or a spell expiry roll fails.

(2 details to note, any flame or heat based magic spell cast on the victim will immediately thaw the magic freezing, and while frozen, the target as an almost solid block of arcane ice has an AF8.)


Warbite was rumoured to be forged by a Frost giant smith in the Northern most mountains of Mercania, in tribute to Kudar the Red, a barbarian Reaver of some renown who sailed the Northern most ice floe strewn seas and preyed on coastal villages and towns in a reign of blood and thievery that spanned a decade. The Frost giants forged the mighty two handed sword as a bribe to suffer no further attacks from Kudar’s brigands for the period of 5 years and a day. The weapon has been lost in the mists of myth and has been missing for several decades, who knows what frosty tomb it may now reside in.


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