The Midnight Longbow

weapon (ranged)

The Midnight Longbow functions as a 3 Longbow [d83, 7].

Additionally once per day, the magic within the longbow can be called upon and the wielder can draw back the bowstring to his or her utmost limits of strength, this requires one round of aiming before shooting in the following round, and then a fusilade of d4+1 arrows can be fired with that single shot. (roll to hit and armour bypass with each arrow).

The longbow suffers no negatively penalties when used outdoors in open terrain, mountains or in the woods. No target can claim cover, size or distance modifiers of any kind as the arrow fired from the bow in these areas seeks out its enemy with unerring accuracy, legend states that arrows have even curved round obstructions or turned corners to strike their target. (This bonus does not apply in an urban environment or underground, in a cave, tomb, crypt etc).


The Midnight Longbow is said to be the weapon crafted for Alfar, one of the Ancient Elf Kings of the Fey by Garambar, the boar king, master of beasts and one of the two brotherly old God’s sworn to protect the natural and Fey realms from the encroachments of man.

It is said to be crafted from the remains of a lightning blasted heartwood of an Okeman. The mighty bow was said to be stolen from its hiding place in the faerie fortress of Alfar by Jascobar the Steady, a half Elf thief of superlative skills who took it to spite his pure blood kin and then sold it for a few gold in a human township.

Where the weapon now resides is consigned to history, the nature of the Fey and its trickery surely means that the longbow is destined to crop up in the hands of the mighty once again.

The Midnight Longbow

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