The Helm of the Sea


The helm confers the following abilities on its wearer:

1. Taking a single breath of air, will allow the wearer to breathe underwater for 4 hours.
2. When wearing the helm, one can hear the gentle sound of the sea as a muted noise, in term this noise is merely a gentle reassuring background sound and does not affect his hearing or perception. This magical property serves to calm and soothe the mind of the wearer, keeping his head cool and focused. The wearer can reduce the strength of any fright or terror attacks against him by half.
3. The Helm is a master crafted +1 helm that confers a bonus of 1 to the wearer’s armour factor, the beauty of the item is that the magic used in its creation mean it CAN be combined with other magic armour to add that +1 bonus cumulatively. Example: An adventurer has a suit of +1 Leather armour, for a total AF of 3, he then finds the Helm of the Sea and dons it, and now has a cumulative armour factor of 4.
4. The helm can be worn by Barbarians, Knights, Mystics, Thanes & Priests with no penalties to attack, defense, stealth or evasion, the magic used in its creation mean it does not restrict the wearer’s movements and therefore does not count as a particular armour type (although it is metal, it is light and durable and does not count as plate, leather, chainmail etc, allowing it to be worn by all of the preceding classes) . It cannot be worn by Sorcerors, Warlocks or Rangers who still wish to employ magic as it negatively confuses, disrupts and affects their ability to cast spells.


The origin of this legendary magical artifact are shrouded in the mists of time as the Northern seas are shrouded in blankets of mist in the winter months. Rumour states it was created for a Prince of the Kingdom of Wyrd who sailed far and wide on the Northern seas to explore and adventure in tombs and mausoleums long forgotten and sometimes reclaimed by the sea.

The Helm of the sea is a finely wrought steel helm, engraved and decorated with scenes of the God’s and denizens of the ocean. Mermaids and trident wielding Gods, vie with crashing waves and gargantuan beasts of the deep across its surface. The magic within mean it shines brightly and never grows rusty or dull, it is said that taking one breath of air while wearing the helm will allow one to swim and thrive beneath the waves for several hours.

The helm is light, durable and streamlined in its construction, even though it is finely detailed, it does not encumber its wearer like a knight’s plate helm might, and some classes that do not have training to normally wear it can do so without penalty. The deep and potent magics utilised in its forging however, do have a negative affect on the professions that cast spells with Arcane energy and therefore Sorcerors and their ilk are unable to wear it and still cast spells although they can derive its other benefits while donning the helm.

The Helm of the Sea

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