The Golden Staff of Krarth


The Golden Staff of Krarth is some 6 feet in height. It functions as a quarter stave when used in melee combat, and the strange and strong metal alloys with which it was created mean it will be proof against most blows. It cannot be broken by non magical means.

The Magi of Krarth had many secrets and were very concerned with keeping these from prying ears and eyes, many of its abilities link to this mindset. It has the following magical abilities:

1. Touched against any portal, chest, door, lid, grate or lockable opening, it will cause it to become magically locked like a close portal spell but without a magic point cost.
2. Any being that is invisible or concealed or hidden within 10 metres of the staff is outlined for all to see with a faint red glow, making it impossible to hide.
3. Concentrating for 3 rounds and placing one’s ear against the staff allows the wielder to hear the voices of any beings within 25 metres whether or not they can be seen or whether or not they are on the other side of doors, windows, walls, solid rock, etc.
4. The largest Gem placed within the ornate head piece of the staff functions as a 8 point mana stone/mana battery, with all the rules pertaining to these items. However because of the disruptive field of magic around the item, other mana stones will not function for its wielder.
5. The wielder has +40% to the normal chance of seeing through illusions while holding the staff.

Important note: Wielding this staff openly in today’s world is dangerous, it is so clearly an item of magic as to easily draw the eye and side long glances. Considering the suspicion with which magic is viewed by the vast majority of the present day’s populace; from peasant to high born noble, this could turn out dangerous and the wielder should be aware of and make suitable provision for.


Krarth. The land of Sorcerors. In ages past greater than 3 quarters of the knowledge of the arcane dwelt within its wind and snow blasted borders. A civilisation built upon dedication and learning of the magical arts. Merciless cruelty and slavery went hand in hand with the pinnacles of arcane research. Then came the sundering and fall of the Magi’s great city at Spyte, most of their knowledge and treasures were lost when the Demons and God’s they sought to subjugate rose up to pull them down to the Abyss.

The civilisation of Krarth was however spread across its whole lands, and it was split into provinces, and those provinces were ruled by Governors, learned and powerful mages in their own right. A staff like this would have been one of those provincial governor’s symbol of office, not a true staff of the ruling elite of the Magi of Spyte, their fell capital, but still in today’s terms an extremely rare and powerful artifact.

It is constructed from gold and metal alloys unknown by most smiths in today’s age, long, slender and delicately crafted, the very air around it shimmers and crackles with the power within for the magi were vain and ostenatious in showing their powers.

The Golden Staff of Krarth

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