The Book of Ashur


This arcane Book was constructed by the great mage Ashur, its blank pages are made up of the very substance of magic.

Within the pages of the book can be transcribed upto 10 magic points worth of spells, which can be cast by the user for free, without a magic point cost. (Only magic point using classes: Sorcerors, Rangers & Warlocks can use this item). The 10 magic points worth of spells can be any variation of spells that add upto but do not exceed 10 points, therefore, for example, 4 x level 1, and 2 x level 3 spells could be written within the book. Or 1 x level 6 and 2 x level 2 spells, so on and so forth.

The act of imbuing the book with the spells costs the user only 8! magic points and he must be of a sufficient level to know the spells in the first place, it is a useful repository or battery of commonly used spells, saving the owner of the book’s magic point store for more emergency casting.

Additionally the spell detect magic may be cast by the wielder of the book, for free, as many times as required. One of the most commonly used spells by Ashur and other high level spell casters, the book is able to detect other magical items in its close vicinity by imparting a slight warmth and trembling to the touch. (The item that detect magic is cast on must be touched lightly with the book).

A defense minded sorceror might keep some greater and lesser healing spells within the pages of the book, or a variety of defense spells.

The act of casting a spell from the book still takes a normal action, it just costs no magic points.


Ashur was a mighty sorceror who dwelt in the dim and distant past in the sun blasted lands of Zephir. His patron was the Sultan and he lacked for nothing in terms of wealth and equipment, allowing him time and the ability to make many long and exhaustive researches into the arcane.

The Book of Ashur is one of his successes, a tome which looks ostensibly like a dusty leather jacketed ancient tome is in fact distilled from the very stuff of magic. It functions somewhat like a mana battery for spells, the caster can inscribe 10 magic points worth of spells into the pages at a cost of only 8 points, allowing him to have access to spells and expanding his repertoire and magic points.

The magical spells within can be freshly inscribed as many times as desired as long as the correct amount of magic points are spent, but the spells must all be rewritten into the book at once, it cannot be topped up so to speak, a fresh “writing of spells” costs the user 8 magic points and completely rewrites the previous spells whether they were all used or not.

The Book of Ashur

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