Spell Eater Shield


The Spell Eater shield is a powerful magical item, created using many ingredients which are resistant to or repel magic, it functions as a normal shield, e.g it stops any blow on the 1d6 roll of a 1, however its special ability means it completely blocks and negates any spell or part of a spell would affect its wearer.

Examples: A single target dragon’s breath spell is cast against the wielder of the spell eater shield, and the dragon’s breath spell is completely blocked and neutralized.

A [multi target] Nova spell is cast and it affects 1d4 targets, if one of the bolts strikes the spell eater shield’s wearer, that part of the spell will fizzle and fade, the other bolts which affect his allies will still function normally.

It is important to note that the spell eater shield only affects “spells”, cast by magic users, it has no affect on innate magical abilities. It WILL function against a spell cast by a sorceror, mystic, boggart, hag, warlock, elementalist, demonologist etc, but it will NOT function against the magical gaze or ability of a basilisk or Medusa etc.


The history of the Spell Eater shield are very unclear, it is unknown who or where this item was fabricated. Rumours and stories abound but very little is certain.

It seems that the Spell Eater shield has been created from many ingredients of Fey and otherworldly origin which are highly resistant or immune to magic. Rumour states it is constructed from Demon, Gnome and Hag flesh, bound over Fey wood only found in the deepest Elven forests and an iron rim smelted in a Dwarf lord’s forge, brought together with powerful woads and rituals to form a mighty artifact of anti magic.

It is said that any spell cast against the wielder of the shield is seen to actually fly directly at the shield and be swallowed by the grim visage set on its front.

Spell Eater Shield

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