Selentine General's Cuirass


This cuirass is master crafted of fine supple leather, embellished with coins and trinkets consistent with its age, and although it is almost 1000 years old it does not seem to have aged a day, the leather is smooth and soft and the coins shine with the lustrous sparkle of polished gold.

The cuirass functions as a +3 leather armour (total AF5) when worn with the rest of a suit of leather armour; breeches, greaves, bracers etc (It is not possible to mix it with other magic armour and claim a combined bonus).

It has the additional power of deflecting any missile fired from a missile weapon of any kind away from the wearer (sometimes with unexpected results). Roll a 1d6 when the wearer comes under attack from a missile weapon. On the roll of a 1 the magically redirected missile will strike the nearest creature, be they friend or foe. Any other roll means the arrow has been redirected away harmlessly.

The power of the cuirass affects any missile from any missile weapon – slingshot from a sling, dart from a blowgun, arrow from a bow or longbow, bolt from a crossbow, spear from a ballista or boulder from a catapult. The wearer will never be affected by any of these kinds of weapon, even magical versions, it has no effect against spells or other arcane produced effects like “bolts” of fire or ice.


900 years ago the Selentine Empire was at its height. A shining example of civilisation and progress in terms of peace and war, the Empire brought well constructed roads and sewers to those countries it conquered and bloodshed and terror to those nations who tried to resist the fearsome Legions of the Emperor.

The Legions fought a new kind of warfare, of advanced tactics, siegecraft, fortification and formation that saw them come into contact with the barbarian tribes of the North and West and Saracen hordes of the South and East. For hundreds of years no army could stand against them, the empire grew and trade and wealth boomed.

At the core of the army’s successes were training and discipline instilled by a cadre of officers led by experienced and skilful generals. These warleaders were often born of privileged positions but it was possible to work your way up through the ranks of the Selentine’s army through skill. Whichever was the case, the generals of the Selentine Legions went into battle with the finest equipment crafted and made by their war priests so that they may spread the Empire’s domains more easily in the face of the terrible danger of battle and occupation of foreign and often distant lands.

Selentine General's Cuirass

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