Saint Justinian's Cross


Saint Justinian’s Cross is a trinket in the shape of a cross of the True Faith designed to be worn on a silver or leather necklace. It is about 3 inches long and somewhat crude in its construction which belies the holy power that resides within it.

This magical trinket functions as a powerful relic conferring the wearer the following bonuses.

1. The power to exorcize ghosts.
2. Immunity from Vampire’s mesmerism
3. Immunity to Fright attack
4. +2 magical defense vs All Sorcery (this includes spells or magical abilities from any profession not just sorcerors)
5. Double damage vs all undead.

Only a man pure and pious may wear the relic, although he need not follow the True Faith, Justinian’s good came from the power of the human heart and soul, if an evil deed is ever committed by the wearer of Saint Justinian’s cross the trinket will crumble to dust immediately.


Saint Justinian is believed to have lived 200 years ago, an honest friar who travelled the roads of the Northern Islands and the Western continent selflessly aiding the poor and sick where he found them.

A long and generous, unselfish and dedicated life saw the elderly Justinian raised to Sainthood by the King of Chaubrette upon the priests death at the ripe old age of 97. Pilgrim’s travelled to the capital to see his remains and worship at the casket of what all believed to be a wise and good man, and it is said that the spirit of Justinian, the patron saint of the poor and needy looks over those who help his charges.

The legend of the creation of his cross has its roots in a story from his youth. It is told that a great drake was terrorising a valley, stealing cattle and destroying farms. Justinian a youth of 20 or so, wept to hear the plight of a local artisan who’s brother had been slain and his farm been burnt to the ground by one of the beasts rampages and he resolved to do something about it. He travelled up into the hills where the Dragon was said to make its lair and followed the path, which in truth was not hard to follow, the burnt and blackened trees by the road sign were akin to the easiest to follow signs.

Before entering the dark lair of the drake, Justinian stood by the entrance and sent a prayer skyward for courage and the armour of faith and boldly strode into the monster’s lair. What exactly happened inside, nobody knows, it is a secret that died with Justinian, or perhaps if the Dragon still lives he can be persuaded to tell the complete tale, but 1 month later, Justinian exited from the cave in fine health and returned down into the valley and the village to report he had spoken with the dragon and educated it on how its great urges of feasting and destruction harmed the locals lives, the dragon seeing the error of his ways had apologised and upped and left.

The Artisan, a man in truth of mediocre skill resolved to make something, anything, as a reward to say thanks for Justinian’s bold (Some would say mad) efforts. The resultant gift was the crude silver cross, which Justinian graciously accepted and wore around his neck for the following 75 or so years, perhaps some of his piety, goodness and faith rubbed off.

Saint Justinian's Cross

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