Prince Rainier's Bulwark

Die wyrm, you cannot harm me!


Prince Rainier’s Bulwark is an ornately decorated kite shield, seeming almost ceremonial in its ostentatiousness. This is not the truth as it holds powerful magic within the design rendered on its front.

The shield is of exceptional construction, light yet extremely durable, weighted perfectly. This superior balancing allows the wearer to block succesful melee strikes against him on the d8 roll of a 1 or 2.

Additionally the wearer is completely immune to any damage that has its roots in fire or flame or heat. The wearer is entirely safe from a Dragon’s breath which will not scorch him in the least, no hot poker may harm him, even walking across hot coals barefoot or stepping knee deep into a river of lava will leave the wearer completely unscathed.

(Important note: The shield does not render the wearer immune from subsiduary effects that the fiery attacks might cause, if the floor beneath him were burnt and he fell through, he would still suffer falling damage, if he were to fall in a lake of lava, he would not burn or feel the heat but he may still drown.)


Prince Rainier of Chaubrette lived 200 years ago in Chaubrette, the one land in Legend most associated with its knights and honour bound rules of warfare. The prince was an accomplished warrior and his family was wealthy, controlling vast profitable farms dotted with vineyards and manorhouses which traded their goods with neighbours and sent their taxes to the capital of the region, the fortified town of Vantery.

Rainier had an adventuresome streak within his heart and would often lead a band of close friends who were knights, the second or third sons of the lords of the realm and some attendant friars on forays into ruins and dank dungeons, returning with exciting stories of derring do and monsters defeated.

One such expedition came to a tragic end when the questing knights came face to face with a red dragon, proud and over confident the soldiers of Chaubrette did not hesitate to attack, even though the dragon tried parlaying with them to leave him be. The dragon, incensed to the extreme smote and crushed all but one, only Rainier staggered from the lair, just barely hanging onto life, and found his trusty steed who carried him back to the castle at Vantery. The aged king wept for the loss of life of his son’s friends and the grievous wounds his son had suffered and immediately commissioned a notable adept mystic who lived in the forests some days away to forge a mighty shield, proof against any dragon’s attack.

This the Mystic duly did, taking in payment the freedom from tax for all of the king’s serfs for one year. The shield was delivered the following day, one year and one day after the commission and it was a mighty artifact indeed.

What the King had not foreseen was that the terrible events in the dragon’s lair that day had extinguished the spark of adventure and vengeance in his son, the king himself was too old, his son was too afraid, and so the mighty shield, never used against a dragon’s flame or claws gathered dust in a storeroom, lost to the ages.

Prince Rainier's Bulwark

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