Imhokep's Judgement

Magical Twin Crossbow

weapon (ranged)

Imhokep’s Judgement is a magical crossbow that has been mastercrafted by the Pharoah’s priests and craftsmen, giving it the following statistics and abilities:

The Crossbow counts as a +3 Crossbow

[d10 + 3, 8]

Additionally the crossbow can be fired twice in one round with no loss of accuracy (but both shots must be discharged at the same target), the tension required to reload the crossbow means it cannot be fired in consecutive rounds but two bolts may be reloaded in that round, meaning it fires twice as fast as any other crossbow.


Imhokep was a pharoah who ruled Asmulia many long centuries ago, his empire was vast, and his armies were feared across the region. The forces of the pharoah included multitudes of swift chariots that clattered into battle with archers mounted atop them, the famous and deadly bowfire of Imhokep’s horde shattered many an enemy and secured expansion for the Pharoah’s realm.

Imhokep himself was a firebrand, and would often be found where the fighting was thickest, when in one battle his arm was severed at the elbow by the blade of a neighbouring armies champion, Imhokep could fire his bow no more. Recovering in time from his wound, the one armed war leader commissioned his priests and magi to create a crossbow that he could use and fire one handed, and fire twice, before he passed it to his bodyguard to reload.

Imhokep's Judgement

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