Hag's finger wand


The Hag’s finger wand can be wielded as a weapon, a succesful attack need only touch the opponent, (meaning that an attack roll must succeeed but an armour bypass roll need not be made) and the dread evil within the wand will cause a terrible burning cold, for 6 HP of damage, (this is reduced by the factor of any magic armour only).

It is as a spell conduit where it is most powerful, any and every direct attack magic spell cast while holding the Hag’s finger wand has 6 MP added for free to its strength for the purposes of seeing if the spell will work.

Every month, the innate evil and dubious roots of the item will struggle to gain ascendancy over its new master or mistress, and a kind of magical duel will occur on the night of the black moon. The Hag’s finger wand will cast a curse spell on its new wielder with a magical attack of 28, if the spell succeeds the victim will suffer one random curse AND the hag’s finger wand will dissappear, lost to that character forever. If the spell fails the item will be resigned to servitude for another lunar month until the night of the next black moon when its powers wax strongest!


The Hag’s finger wand has the appearance somewhat like a cross between a hag’s long crooked finger and a gnarled and ancient root or branch of a tree. Legend tells of a great coven of witches meeting once a generation when the moon and sun align to spread darkness across the land. It is here that the hag’s finger wand was created by the mightiest witches and dread magical energies were infused within it. It is said that no character of pure heart may hold it, and to do so would strike the true hearted person who attempted it dead on the spot, but for those whose souls are tinged with an edge of darkness the power within the wand is terrible and mighty.

So mighty and terrible in fact, that the wand has a kind of sentience that rankles and rails against serving weaklings, each and every month on the night of the black moon a duel of sorts occurs, a struggle between wand and owner to see who has the greater strength of mind and strongest will, only the worthy, as judged by the wand itself can continue to wield it.

Hag's finger wand

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