Eskavar's Longsword

weapon (melee)

Eskavar’s Longsword is a one handed sword with a magical +3 bonus.


Additionally the unsheathed blade will glow brightly when any evil creature is nearby, meaning its wielder can never be surprised or ambushed. It has great powers against creatures of undead or demonic origin, any creature of this origin of fourth rank or below is instantly destroyed from a single succesful attack with the Paladin’s holy blade, creatures above this rank with an undead or demonic background are not destroyed instantly but suffer 12 points of damage instead of 8 as the pure white blade slices easily through evil flesh and bone.


Eskavar was a pious, duty bound Paladin who rode hither and thon across the lands of Albion in ages past. As an exponent of the true faith, the religious knight would travel the roads and pathways of the land and settle disputes fairly and seek out and destroy evil wherever it could be found.

Legend’s abound of the virtuous Eskavar destroying a Hydra in single combat and deflecting the insidious advances of a succubus demon from the Abyss, with his heart full of pure pious thoughts his resolve was easily the match of the Demoness’ wiles, and he smote her head from her shoulders with his sword.

So many deeds and acts of good were done by the hero-paladin Eskavar that it is said that God himself took notice and rewarded his champion with a shining pure weapon of the lightest, sharpest metal that he could continue to do His good work.

Eskavar's Longsword

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