Dwarven Bronze Shield


The Dwarven Bronze Shield is a mastercrafted light shield constructed by the Dwarf lords at the height of their civilisation several hundred years ago. It functions as a +3 shield meaning it will stop any blow on the dice roll of a 1-4 on a d6.

Additionally the shield shines with a soft light when underground. This does not stop the wearer from attempting surprise as some other more harsh forms of light can.


Many centuries ago, the Dwarves ruled a great empire of fortresses in and under the great mountain ranges of the world, the Dwarf kings commanded the mightiest blacksmiths and finest craftsmen to create items of arms and armour so wondrous and so powerful as to make other magical items seem mundane. The Dwarven Bronze Shield is one such item, the bearer of this magic item is protected from almost any blow as the shield seems to nudge or urge the wielder in the right direction to block the attack, only an opponent of extreme skill and speed can get his blade past the shield’s magically imbued guard. In appearance the shield is master crafted bronze, worked and acid etched with fine carvings and reliefs to show different scenes from ancient dwarf culture, ritual coronations, desperate battle, industry and trade. The shield also shines with a soft radiance when worn underground, the ancestral realm of the Dwarves.

Dwarven Bronze Shield

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