Dwarf King's War Axe

The strength of the earth!

weapon (melee)

This weighty two handed dwarf forged axe functions as a plus 3 weapon (d8+3,9).

Additionally the ancient runes and sigils of power inscribed upon its blade transfer their power to the bearer, at all times while the axe is with the holder, be it slung on his back or in his hand, that character recieves a +4 bonus to his strength statistic. This bonus can confer additional benefits by taking your strength characteristic upto the next band and over normal levels.


In recent times, the dwarves have retreated deep within their mountain holds, they are a rare and truth to tell, dying race. Many humans have ever seen one and believe them to be myth, though some do still make their home in large trading cities overground and sometimes take on the profession of adventurer, they are suited to the warrior professions mainly.

Hundreds of years ago, King Uthor Ironbrow , sometimes known as the bald dwarf king, was the ruler of the largest dwarf fortress in the Drakken Peaks. For six long years the settlement was afflicted by the depredation of an adult cave drake or dragon that had made its home in a cavern deeper than, but close to the dwarf underground fort. Many dwarf champions and adventurers had met their end at the jaws and fiery breath of the beast, but its attacks were not common place, some deaths occurred in fact by greedy, gold loving expeditions thinking they could sneak into its lair and relieve it of its treasure. This almost always ended badly for the dwarves and for the dragon with a full stomach (and a few hairballs).

King Uthor was moved to act when his second cousin was slain in an ill advised treasure hunt. Dwarf family ties are strong and royal blood had been split. Uthor gathered his magic weapons and armour and strode down to the drake’s lair at the head of a dozen of his most trusted and mightiest warriors. The battle raged for more than an hour, and all the dwarves save Uthor were slain, and he himself was mightily burnt and weakened, all his hair had been singed off from the intense heat of the dragon’s flame breath. Finally, the killing stroke was landed when the dragon in its thrashings brought down a part of the cavern, trapping it’s wings under a ton of rock and rubble, King Uthor siezed the moment and sprang forward, his frame, chest and arms imbued with the power of the axe, and his determination borne of a grudge against his blood
kin, the dwarf king made three mighty swings with his axe to try and get through the dragon’s armoured scaley hide, with a final desperate hewing stroke he separated the dragon’s head from its neck.

Another subsequent but ancient rumour states that Uthor was buried by his kinsmen 2 score years later, with his arms and armour, including his magic axe, in the deep caves beneath his homeland, but when the fortress was overrun by goblins and orcs, the tomb was robbed and the magical war axe stolen, whether this is true or not, is subject to intense debate by any dwarf mindful of his race’s history.

Dwarf King's War Axe

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