Dark Blade Bastard Sword

Fell bladed sword

weapon (melee)

The Dark Blade Bastard Sword can be wielded one or two handed, it has the following stats in each case:

1 handed: (d8 +3, 7)

2 handed (d8 +3, 8)

It’s legendary quality is that no mundane armour is proof against the razor sharp dark metal which makes up its blade, all mundane non magical armour counts as 0 against strikes made with the sword, no armour bypass rolls are required. Additionally it’s potent magics even make it powerful versus magical armour, reducing the total armour factor by 1.


It is said that Suriman, the second son of King Tamor was a godless cur, who did not follow his martial studies nor adhere to the wise teachings of the priests, rumour further states he consorted with dark spirits.

When Tamor, a pious, god fearing and harsh father banished his son to a lingering death in the Nomad Khanates Suriman did not go quietly. The King’s bodyguard appeared early next morning to escort the prince from the realm, whereupon he flew into a range and unsheathed a dark bladed sword that smoked as he wielded it. The prince, unknown before as a skilled warrior slew the 6 bodyguards and cut a bloody swathe through the palace, even besting the King’s Champion who wore a suit of magical plate armour. At the last moment, filled with remorse at what he had done, and seeing the fear in his father’s eyes at what he had become, Suriman cursed the name of the dark spirits he had made a pact with and had the strength to lurch to the nearest balcony and throw himself to his death on the rocks at the banks of the river far below. His body and the dark blade were swept away, and neither were seen again. The sword’s dark magic has seen to it that it was not destroyed and perhaps a hero with will and purpose strong enough to deal with the dark spirits can wield it once again, for it is a mighty blade indeed.

Dark Blade Bastard Sword

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