Dagger of Undending Pain

Magical dagger of venom

weapon (melee)

This jagged bladed yet supremely sharp dagger glows with a virulent green light when unsheathed. In combat it functions as a plus 3 Dagger (d4+3,6)

Additionally the potent magic inscribed into the blade at its forging means it inflicts a strong poison on the victim of a succesful strike through armour, the target takes ongoing damage of 5 health points every subsequent round until he can roll under his strength on 4d6.

It is proof against a sorceror’s lower level antidote spell or a warlocks’s neutralize toxin spell, but a Mystic’s Purification or a Dispel Magic or Terminate Enchantment over cast with 5 magic points will eliminate the venom from the bloodstream.

(Note: once a victim is suffering the ongoing poison damage, he cannot have it applied a second time, however if he eliminates it from his bloodstream it can then be reapplied with a succesful dagger strike).


The Caliph of Zhenir controls a vast realm of desert and plains far to the South of Legend, his capital city is Demkhor. Here also are the temples of many assassin and death cults who sometimes take payment from the Caliph’s vast treasure hoards to undertake a mission to quietly slay one or more of his enemies.

The master assassins of Demkhor have passed their secrets down from generation to generation and the wisest and most skilful of them are able to craft these venom imbued magical blades. The creation process is long and intricate, taking several months, and includes the dipping of the still raw blades in potent toxins collected from plants and animals the world over. These dagger’s are not unique, but they are extremely rare.

Dagger of Undending Pain

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