Cyclops Skin Breastplate

The cyclops' eyes can never be surprised


This Leather breastplate functions as +3 magic armour when worn with a full set of other leather armour (leggings, bracers, greaves etc). Effective AF = 5.

Additionally, the magic inherent in the complex design on its front and back will never allow the character wearing it to be surprised, he will be warned of impending danger by a slight tingling sensation and make sure that the wearer is more ready to deal with the trouble by conferring a bonus of +3 to reflexes during the next combat.

(Important note: The magic in the armour does not work from danger originating from traps)

(Note: the +3 bonus to reflexes only affects the wearer’s reaction time and initiative order in the combat round, the boosting of his reflex score does not affect other statistics).


The Cyclops skin breastplate is not actually made from the hide of a cyclops, the name refers to the intricate design of multiple singular eyes looking in all directions which have been carefully crafted amidst delicate swirling patterns on the armour’s surface. The origin and maker of this magical leather armour is unknown.

A legend is told in the regions of Southern Kurland that the last known wearer of the Cyclops Skin Breastplate was General Agrippa Numerius, the commander of the famous 12th legion of the Selentine Legion, which defeated and absorbed into the empire the tribes of ancient Kurland. Many times did the breastplate save General Agrippa’s life, dodging arrows, or avoiding the fall of an enemies’ axe that were surely destined to score a fatal blow. The proud general met his end, in his tent at the hands of the young Kurland maiden he had taken as his concubine, he wore the breastplate at the moments upto his murder, but disregarded its tingling warning and was stabbed in the neck and killed for his troubles.

Cyclops Skin Breastplate

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