Arkanibon's Magic Key

No portal shall deny Arkanibon's magic


This key, which is of an intricate design but made from a mundane metal is about 4 inches in length.

Any door which is barred, through any lock be it complex mechanical or magical means will open when Arkanibon’s magic key is brought into contact with it.

The key can be used once per day, and the character using it must spend a round in complete concentration, holding the key against the lock which is to be sundered by the key’s magical properties.

The “charge” within the key replenishes itself at sundown, just before the hours of darkness, when surely it is the most profitable time for thieves to ply their trade!


Legend states that Arkanibon lived 100 years ago, and was by all accounts, the greatest thief who ever lived. Princes, Sultans and Khans all surrendered their treasure to his thievery as he blazed a trail across the continent from Algandy to the Nomad Khanates.

His most prized possession was a key, that had the curious and powerful property of being able to overcome any lock, mundane or magical, no matter how complex. Its origin or creation remains still a mystery.

Arkanibon, while a master thief, was not a master diplomat, and his exploits bred jealousy and spite in several Thieves guilds. He met his untimely end at the tip of a poisoned dagger when he tried to rob the wrong palace which was owned by a wealthy merchant who had close ties with the guilders.

Arkanibon’s magic key, not recognised for what it was, was thrown in the river along with his corpse, and has resurfaced several times in the years since. It’s current location is unknown.

Arkanibon's Magic Key

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