Ankh of the God King

Life after death?


The Ankh of the God King is a powerful magical item created several thousand years ago at the height of Emphidian Pharoah’s power, by a cabal of his mightiest priests:

The Ankh contains powerful magics of healing and rejuvination. If placed in the hands of a corpse, over night the spark of life is returned and all wounds are completely healed and indeed, such is the power imbued in the item by the priests divinely answered prayers that the newly raised character will recieve 1d3 extra health points permanently.

(Important note: If a player or important NPC has been killed in such a way that the corpse does not exist in any recognisable form anymore; scorched to ash by dragon’s breath, melted to nothingness by acid, etc. the Ankh’s magic cannot work).

Once the Ankh has been used to raise a character back from the dead, it dissappears.


Ancient history tells us that the mightiest of the Pharoahs of Emphidor was Nekrabrunezzar, beloved by his peoples and feared and loathed by his enemies, he ruled his lands with benign wisdom and waged war on his enemies with fury and ferocity.

Nekrabrunezzar had a cabal of priests and acolytes that numbered in their hundreds, when the Pharoah fell ill due to a debilitating wasting disease at age 26, a cure or solution became a priority. The Pharoah struggled and battled with the disease but grew weaker by the day, his mightiest and craftiest priests sought high and low before finally calling upon the God’s themselves to deliver the Pharoah. An ankh of solid gold was forged and the priests chanted and prayed around it for 7 days and 7 nights, imploring divine intervention.

Their prayers were answered.

The fickle Gods decided that a second chance was more than enough, and when the Pharoah died that night, and was interred with the ankh in his hands, he arose the next morning, vital and stronger than he had ever been, but the ankh itself had dissappeared, this is a condition of the magic that the God’s invoked, that the Ankh is magically transported and reappears somewhere else in the Lands of Legend once it has been used.

Ankh of the God King

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