Cornumbrian Ranger


Vhailor is a ranger who hails from Cornumbria, his animal companion Trias is an eagle.


Vhailor grew up in Cornumbria and as with the rest of his brothers learnt how to live off the land and become one with the forest. His family being quite large and him being a younger brother he left his family early (in effect he was forced to leave) to find his own way in life. That was almost 20 years ago as he travelled around Ellesland selling his bow to anyone who could afford it. His God is cold hard coin and whilst he knows the difference between right and wrong – if he is paid to do a job he will get it done. Vhailor is a no nonsense straight talking mercenary who has seen his fair share of wars and conflicts.

More recently the merchant princes have hired Vhailor to do a few scouting missions, deep into enemy territory to check on troop movements and any potential troop build ups which could signify invasion.

The chieftains of the cornumbrian tribes are currently neutral – although they have been approached by all sides, by Aldred, by Montombre – to join one side or another, and by the merchant princes, who want them to stay neutral as a buffer to criggen varras – the Cornumbrian tribes trade furs and grain in great number to the merchant princes, for metals and gold and gems in return, and its profitable to both sides.

The political situation in Western Ellesland is on a knife edge, and all factions hope for a clearer picture and some resolution before the spring and the military campaigning season comes around agin. It is in this cauldron of powerful factions that Vhailor the mercenary has been plying his trade these last seasons.


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