Thane Skarlik

Wise old watch captain at Aldred's castle


When Logen set out from the Gnawing Wastes he was a shell of a man – bereft of clan and family. What he found during his wanderings was hatred and contempt – he got along by living off the land and never staying in the same place – but it wasn’t living, it was surviving. When he met Alwyn, Phil, Sir Dreyfus, Jarvis and later Brion, Sir Ronin and Galen, he thought that he had found some people who could potentially be his new clan, kindred spririts who could become the reason why he strives so hard to live. Alwyn became his new shaman – the direction and link that he needed to his Gods.

Alwyn’s and Phil’s death hit Logen hard – it was like reliving his previous life and it would all end in dismay. But the victory over Duke Darian and the arrival of Galen aided him in the revival of his spirit. But upon returning to Baron Aldred’s castle, Galen left to pursue his own objectives and Logen was left without the link that he so needed…

Until he met Skarlik. Skarlik in his youth was a fearsome warrior Thane from the northern reaches of Thuland, and as such had some kind of link and affinity for Logen’s position as the stranger, the Northerner in Southern lands. For he had been through similar when he had travelled to Albion two decades since. With a wise head on his shoulders and the gift of listening, Skarlik sat with Logen – for hours the two Northmen would talk of their homelands and events since then. This helped Logen a great deal, both to lay some ghosts of his past to rest, and to come to terms with the way things were done here, and in time, in a way, he came to grow to love and respect Skarlik, almost like an adopted father.

Skarlik, while in his youth a fearsome warrior now walked with a limp, his thigh bone crushed when a horse fell on him. The old warrior held down a post as a watch captain in Baron Aldred’s castle garrison, where his experience and wisdom gained him a position of trust and he was well liked. Over time, he also taught the youthful, impetuous but eager Logen a few skills and tricks to better able survive and thrive on the battlefields that adventurers might find themselves.


Thane Skarlik

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