Seryth the Shade

Mysterious thieves guild leader


Criggen Varras on the Western coast of Ellesland is one of the premier trading settlements in the entire lands of Legend. Where thriving trade and massive profits occur, thievery, bribery and murder soon follow.

The enigmatic figure known as Seryth the Shade is said to be the leader of the powerful thieves guild in Criggen Varras, his soldiers range from the street urchin look outs to the cold blooded thugs who guard his properties and the sharp bladed assassins who hide in the shadows and exert leverage on his marks and enemies.

Crimes for which Seryth the Shade are wanted include running a gambling syndicate, burglary, arson, kidnapping, and murder…His true identity is unknown, and penetrating to the inner sanctum of the thieves guild is a task that few have undertaken succesfully.


Seryth the Shade

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