Cruel Demon lord - the power behind the Blight


The demon Rimfax was the true architect behind the Blight.
Operating from his lair in the Abyss, the demon pulled subtle strings of influence and circumstance and guided his three mortal minions: Duke Darian, Grimrock the ogre and Old Ned the hobgoblin to spread the spell of evil influence that he had created when the warding magic of Elvaron crumbled.

Rimfax revelled in the suffering of the population of an entire country for 7 decades as his servants outdid each other in acts of cruelty and evil, all the while the demon lord fed on the despair of Ereworn.

His plans were dealt a huge blow when the adventurers slew all three of his minions one after another, guided by the shade of Elvaron to collect the three Elven crystals and reinvigorate the Elven mage’s warding spells, they undertook one final mission for him and stepped into the realm of darkness and battled Rimfax in one of his aspects of a skeletal demonic horse. The chink in the realms where Rimfax exerted his malignant magics was shut and the demon’s aspect was slain. The adventurers escaped through the closing rift literally seconds before his lair was destroyed.

Whether or not Rimfax is completely destroyed is unknown and open to conjecture.



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