Old Ned

Spiteful hobgoblin who spread the Blight


Old Ned lived in the darkest corners of the forests of Ereworn where the boundaries between the worlds of the mundane and the Fey blurred. A creature of some considerable age, wisdom and cruelty, he preyed on lone travellers and also other weaker creatures of the fey to feed his rage and bitterness and need to despoil and hurt.

When the Blight came into effect across Ereworn, Old Ned felt it deep in his evil bones, and was drawn from the darkest depths of the woods to the fringes of the forest where he set up his new home in the disease riddled trunk of an ancient dying tree. From this base he attacked many settlements in the region, spoiling milking herds, withering crops, attacking maidens, stealing babies for his cooking pot and slaying lone travellers or weak bands of pilgrims. By his very actions did the Blight fester and spread more easily in the Vale of central Ereworn.

He met his end at the hands of the adventurers when they ran him down in his lair, and slew him to take possession of the first Elven Crystal.


Old Ned

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