Melano - Merchant Prince

The mightiest of the merchant princes of Criggen Varras


Melano’s family history spans several hundred years, and in that time his ancestors have built a powerful trading business which has few equals across all the civilised lands. With a mighty fleet of trading cogs and attendant sleek draughted warships to protect the trade routes, Melano directs policy and trade in such a way as the other merchant princes of the city rarely choose not to follow suit, of course competition exists, its just the kind of competition that Melano usually wins.

Melano (if an audience can be gained with him) is a knowledgable source of information in terms of Legend’s geography and sea routes, as he has sailed from East to West and North to South further than most men. He is a shrewd business man, a wily negotiater and absolutely cut throat in terms of profit margin, yet still he maintains a presence and public face of equanamity and pleasantry and throws several parties and masked balls each year, mainly to make new deals and keep in touch with old contacts.


Melano - Merchant Prince

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