Lady Talia

Earl Montombre's wife


Lady Talia is the wife of the Earl of Montombre, and is a pure blood Elf.

It is rumoured her father is one of the ancient Elven lords who rule the forest realms across Albion and strengthen’s Montombre’s reputation and power base as one who is allied with the older ways, and the creatures of the fey. Talia’s age is unknown though she appears in her prime, Elves of course live for many centuries, but have no souls. To gain the hand in marriage of an Elf Princess, one can only guess what on earth Montombre traded with the Elven Lord.

Talia is tall, slender and exceedingly, even hauntingly beautiful, and it is rumoured that not only is she an expert at embroidery but also an excellent horse rider and can match most knights in the Earl’s retinue with her skill at archery.


Lady Talia

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