Lady Amarisa

Baron Aldred's wife


The Lady Amarisa is Baron Aldred’s youthful second wife. Having married again before the recent troubles really began to take root in Albion, Aldred has found happiness with the daughter of a not so wealthy lord in Algandy, having met Amarisa at a tourney on the continent 5 years ago, when she was 13.

Aldred’s first marriage had been completely political and was in truth an unhappy union, when his former wife died due to disease and a lack of proper care. After grieving and mourning her for a suitable period he vowed to choose another wife without any pressures of political alliances, this has of course subsequently returned to haunt him as he was unable to drum up any major support during the current growing conflict in Algandy or Chaubrette as his new wife’s father held no position of importance to sway the greater lords or kings to intervene against Grisaille (who is especially well connected on the continent) and Montombre.

Amarisa is heavy with child which has lightened the mood in Castle Ravensbrook markedly for Aldred at least even in these dour times where the Baron has been so hectic, busy and worried with larger events and the strife which threatens his land’s borders and the country as a whole.

In truth Amarisa is rather childish, prone to fits of pique and screaming, towering rages, which pass as quickly as they start usually, however the term of pregnancy has not been easy for her thus far, her normally willow thin frame affected of course by the soon to be born child which has in turn impacted on her lifestyle, and her vanity.


Lady Amarisa

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