Ogre chieftain of the orc slavers


Grimrock the Ogre, was a brutish, surly and cruel overseer of a vicious orc tribe who dwelt in the howling gorge,a particularly inhospitable region in the Pagan Mountains in Central Eastern Ereworn. The orcs operated a slaving ring, raiding settlements near and far for slave labour to work in the mines and to be sold to Duke Darian. A mission by the adventurers saw them come into conflict with the tribe and storm their encampment while Grimrock & his troops were out on a slave gathering raid. A titanic, complex and 3 sided battle ensued and Grimrock was finally slain.

The end of his reign was one extra reason that swayed Ereworn’s council of Elders to throw their lot in with the party’s patron Baron Aldred and fight as allies beside his army and to initiate trade agreements. The power of the orc tribe was smashed by the events in the orc encampment and any survivors (there were few) disbanded and skulked back into the mountains.



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