Mighty wizard from ages past


In the dim and distant past, the kingdom of Ereworn was a shining example to its neighbours of how a feudal society can run when ruled beningly. The King of those times Vallander was advised in matters of policy and the arcane by a mighty Elven wizard named Elvaron.

Elvaron was instrumental in pooling the power of the strongest sorcerors in the land and creating a network of wards that protected Ereworn from dark magic and evil influence. Elvaron’s good intentions and long years of study and care for his adopted land were undone by a traitor. When it came time to renew the spells of warding on the summer solstice, one of the sorcerors failed to speak the spell correctly and a chink was created in Elvaron’s magic wards….The demon Rimfax, a powerful lord of the Abyss sensed this and began long decades of planning to take advantage. The end result and fruits of his dark labour were that the country was plunged into darkness under the curse of “The Blight” a spell of such malignancy that creatures of darkness were drawn from far and wide to dwell in Ereworn. For seven decades this dark malady persisted, until Rimfax was finally defeated by the adventurers who were guided and advised by the ghost of Elvaron, whose spirit would not rest until the promise to his king was fulfilled.



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