Earl Montombre

The so called "Elfin Earl".


Earl Montombre rules the lands to the South Western corner of Albion, it is told he parleys and trades much with the Elves of the woods in that area, and has thus got the nickname “The Elfin Earl”, it is further said that, as well as an accomplished warrior he is a powerful spell smith, as the Fey creatures of the forest who he deals with have taught him some of their secrets in return for the trade of weapons, and farm animals, produce, grain and building materials.

An Alliance with Duke Grisaille to topple Baron Aldred from his pre eminent position as most powerful lord in Albion was dealt a death blow when Grisaille’s army met the well trained troops of Aldred alone on the plains of Bleykus and were shattered.

Montombre now realises he is not strong enough to tackle Baron Aldred alone in military terms but his forces remain intact and he is thus still a dangerous foe. It remains to be seen if Aldred will attempt to tackle him militarily or just claim the throne and brush aside Montombre’s protests or indeed, perhaps a third option would be to send assassins to deal with the problem he presents. Such a mission would likely require individuals with a special determination as surely the Fey tinged realm of Montombre’s lands are dangerous in the extreme.


Earl Montombre

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