Duke Grisaille

Disgruntled Vindictive Lord of Southern Albion


Duke Grisaille is part of the grand alliance between Baron Aldred, his forces have fallen in step with The Earl Montombre in an attempt to wrest control of the country into their hands. The Duke grew covetous and jealous of the trading routes and good farmlands that Aldred’s territories encompass and he engineered simmering border disputes which have recently flared into open war.

In the last weeks a great battle on the plains North of the town of Breykus saw Grisaille’s army sundered and routed by the combined arms of Aldred’s retinues and his Erewornian allies.

The Duke and his closest advisors escaped the debacle on the battlefield and fled back to his castle and are attempting to stem the tide of disbanding soldiers so as to keep hold of the territories he still controls, this wish is tenuous and fragile at best.

The Duke will have to use all his wily skills as a diplomaciser to see his lands shrink less than 50%. But he still lives, and is protected from outright murder by the powerful blood ties he has with several lordly families in Algandy and Chaubrette.


Duke Grisaille

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