Cynewulf Magister

Earl Montombre's court magician


Earl Montombre’s court magician is rumoured to be an extremely powerful practitioner of the arcane arts, how could it be otherwise when his liege lord himself has such close ties with magic and the creatures of the Fey, Montombre would clearly need adequate protection from the trickery or witchcraft of the fickle Elves of the forest and perhaps other creatures of more “dubious” intent who would most certainly want to make sure to strike the most lucrative bargain when trading their skills.

Cynewulf is of indeterminate age but outwardly looks to be a tall slender man in his middle years. His clothing and dress sense are ostentatious and evoke his skills, he flaunts his position as a magician openly, partly because of the arcane infused environment of the Elfin Earl’s court where this is not such a problem as it might be in other parts of Albion and the Lands of Legend as a whole.


Cynewulf Magister

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