Mysterious Mystic


Bríon Zenabu
Meaning: Noble, Beautiful

Brion, the wandering mystic is an Albino, he has joined the party in more recent months on their adventures.

A Stranger Approaches

Nightfall. I should have made camp already, but riders passed me not long ago. They seemed weary, and must make camp ahead. If I push on, I will reach them. There is safety in numbers, and should they attack me, I will at least be awake to defend myself. I approach their camp, my face hidden by my hood. There is the scent of death upon their camp, and the group is somber. They welcome me with caution. Understandable. I tell them I only wish to share camp, and offer my food. No questions asked, no stories offered. They talk quietly amongst themselves. They talk of combat but do not brag. It is clear they have lost a friend in battle, and are in morning. I do not pry.

A Friend Is Made

Morning. I awake early, pray, and make breakfast for my hosts. Spiced eggs are a joyful way to start the day, a new beginning. My hood is down, and the day is bright, so I must tell my story: I am Bríon, this is my given name, bestowed by the people here. Zenabu is my family name, who sent me here. Where I come from, I am called a ghost. The people think I am cursed, and bring bad luck to the village. I was sent by boat as a small child so I would not be hunted and killed. Sent to the land of ghosts at great expense, but alas, even here in this strange land I am a stranger. I have learnt the local ways and customs, but I am not accepted. My skin. My scars. How I look. I scare people. So I travel alone. Say my prayers, and live on the land. I work where I can get it, and seek for others the justice I cannot have for myself. I am Bríon Zenabu, at your service.

Addendum to which : Having aided the cleansing of Ereworn, he feels his time there has come to a natural end. Despite everything, it never felt like home, and he now accepts it will never be. He was always an outsider there, and always will be. But perhaps Albion can be different? Will the people of there welcome him? Can this lush landscape become his own?



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