Priest of Ereworn who loves ale & gold...


Bretwald the priest joined the adventurers on one of their earliest adventures on a foray into a dungeon after approaching them with a tattered and ancient treasure map. While his holy abilities to ward off the undead were of some use in the dungeon along with some healing powers the party did not take too well to him as they subsequently found out that Bretwald, perhaps in conflict to the beliefs of his priestly order enjoys the earthly pleasures of gold and ale a little too much.

Still, as a holy man in the Vale of Ereworn he holds a position of respect and his introductions were important in the group being able to make diplomatic headway further into the political web and factions of as they were then, under the effects of the Blight.

He now travels between the villages and towns of Ereworn handing out his special brand of guidance and accepting perhaps more than his fair share of donations from his flock, not intrinsically a bad man, he is a useful ally to have in Ereworn.



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