Abelard of Clyster

Down on his luck beggar


Abelard of Clyster used to be Abelard the Apothecary, he owned a well run and succesful store on the main trading route of the town. Abelard has since run afoul of a protracted series of misfortunes which sees him make his home on the very streets where his succesful store still stands.

Bitter and unable to act, he survives through dealing in tidbits of information gleaned on the streets and brewing home spun remedies for minor ailments from simple to gather herbs and plants, his current situation not allowing him access to the more expensive ingredients that his store used to carry, his apothercary’s skills and his quick wit have seen him survive till now, if not thrive, but the coming winter looks to be a long and cold season.


Abelard of Clyster

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