Sleeping Gods

The Vampire Lord

Into the sewers!


With rain threatening and thunder booming across the skies, the party have made haste to renegotiate their deal with captain Vasilvio and wagered they can cure the city of plague within 7 days, for a half price passage to Criggen Varras. The jovial and good natured captain has accepted the bet for he does not see how this is possible.

Wasting no time the party followed up on their magical visions and answers from the oracle of spirits and plunged into the dank, slimy, dark, smelly and disgusting sewers. Important clues were uncovered and some bodies of virulent pus ridden plague carriers were found laying wedged in the bars or washed up on broken stones within the sewers, an initial attempt to destroy these pockets of disease with dragonsbreath spells was not considered sufficient and after exiting the sewers the group related news to Governer Beymont to send teams of soldiers from the city guard down to dispose of and burn the corpses. However…this was not the only thing discovered on the party’s underground escapade as they encountered a strange mist which was hiding some zombies, and revealed itself to be not only sentient and capable of dodging arrows, blades and spells but also the vaporous form of a terrifying and ancient vampire lord. The undead creature fled in bat form but the Mystic Brion was able to follow his psychic spoor back to the apothecary.

The group stands poised and prepared outside the store, with rope, potions, sharpened blades and determined glints in their eyes, they have decided that speed is of the essence as Corvin’s more delicate constitution and Ronin’s extended stay in the sewers so he could heroically map every location of the plague corpses have seen them both succumb and suffer from the first stages of the disease. Marcus is able to cure them but he is only able to cast this potent spell roughly once per day. With this in mind the party have decided to forego meeting with the thieves guild at high tide in the evening as they have no idea how rapidly the disease passes to its next stages.

Logen witnessed some beast or being slamming the trapdoor at the back of the apothecary shut, and the group were able to find the remains of a weak potion in the distilling and brewing apparatus which is the only remaining item that still functions in the largely completely ransacked apothecary’s back rooms.

Corvin through prudent use of his peer spell has unocovered that a very deep basement, or at least stairs leading down under the city wall are present and it is at this point that the adventurers stand, with their own and the city’s fate in their hands…

Continuted the following session…

The party ventured down into the basement which quickly opened out into a large catacomb or lair, much larger than they first surmised. The floors were hard packed earth and the walls were stone blocks, the place seemed to have been constructed many centuries ago.

Several encounters and enemies were encountered and dispatched in short order. A room full of standing coffins disgorged a dozen skeleton guards. Another chamber housing scores and scores of unopened coffins was doused with lantern oil and set alight. 2 skeletal death knights were bundled to the ground beneath weight of numbers, and even a mummy was discovered at the bottom of a pit.

The adventurers stand with a few minor wounds and a few potions consumed, but the decision was made to press on, even though Private Simeon, one of the soldiers sent by Governor Beymont to help the party search and defeat the inhabitants of the catacombs has perished in one of the combats. With weary limbs but determination the group stand in a passage that leads further down to the third layer of the tomb. Their target, the vampire lord who’s spoor Brion the Druid can see, leads onwards to the utmost depths. Danger abounds, as the smoke from the fire of the room full of coffins begins to spread further through the dungeon, making the air hazy, and the noise of several combats has surely alerted the ancient bloodsucking lord of the invading group’s presence? Only time will tell. Victory or defeat is close at hand!

- The Games Master



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