Sleeping Gods

The Ruined watchtower

Gothryd's last stand

Gothryd s last stand

After meeting with Sir Orrin and his troop of crossbowmen at the manor house, the companions have been told to return south immediately and bring the Baron the solemn news. Their wounds healed by their encounter with Helvennian the party made haste and left early the next morning, a full days riding brought them to within sight of the ruined watchtower as evening fell, and although Brion the druid advised that a flock of ravens and the gathering thunderclouds portended an ill omen the group decided to seek cover from the impending rain.

At some point before midnight, Sir Ronin heard a loud crashing noise in the trees and spied great trunks being toppled as a gigantic cyclops stepped from the forest and began making its way up the gentle rise towards the ruins where the adventurers camped, and this was not the least or only worry as a troop of elves, wearing dark green armour and carrying their now familiar and deadly elf bows moved through the undergrowth and copses swiftly. Ronin awoke his companions and hurried to mount his trusty steed – Invincible, as the others made hasty preparations.

Battle was opened spectacularly by Gothryd casting a gigantic HELLFIRE spell, setting the cyclops ablaze, the beast roared in pain and staggered forward as it tried to beat out the flames, for which it’s fur and leather armour were no protection. Misery was heaped upon the monster as Brion took aim and shot it directly in the eye with an amazing shot, blinding it, before Ronin struck it with his sword and his stoic warhorse smote it with a great kick of its iron shod hooves, crushing its skull and sending the towering and still smoking beast to the ground.

The Elves proved to be the more dangerous foe, the companions hunkered down behind the ruined walls waiting for their enemies to close, some javelins and bowfire was sent back in response but the arrow fire was accurate and deadly, and several wounds were caused. The party prepared to counter attack as the Elves closed in but then a great misery befell them; a particularly accurate fusillade of arrows sang through the night sky striking Gothryd not once, not twice but three times and knocked him from his saddle with blood in his lungs and then in his mouth. The newest member of the group expired there on the cold, rain soaked ground, beside his new companions. They had known him for less than a month, but his passing is mourned, for he was capable, wise and loyal.

The skirmish continued until the group had caused sufficient casualties on the cruel Elves to drive the enemy to retreat back down the hill. While Logen hacked with his axe, Brion slew with his bow and Ronin rode down several Elves, the whole party was ably supported by Friar Marcus’ divine rituals, but the holy man could do nothing to help Gothryd, the spirit had left his body.

The companions rushed down the hill after the fleeing elves just in time to see a magical portal, which had began collapsing in on itself, but not before they were able to discern the image of a castle’s interior, and on the walls some flags and heraldic symbols of the Earl Montombre!

- The Games Master



Brion’s Journal

Incredible events are afoot! So soon after our encounter with Helvennian and Garambar, this must be fate’s hand guiding us, for whilst traveling south, back to give the Baron the terrible news of his son’s death, at dusk we chanced upon a watch tower, where we made camp, and oh how the stars to align, for had we not been there I dread to think what destruction might have been wrought, for we happened to be at the right place at the right time to stop an advanced skirmish party of Elves driving a cyclopes to rain destruction on the people of Albion. We killed the foul creature, and routed the elves. But our victory, I am sorry to say, is tainted with sorrow, for the Warlock Gothryd was struck down and died under a heavy rain of arrows, so pierced was he, he could not be saved.

The use of sorcerous portals for the purpose of war, out of season and behind the front lines, is of great concern. The Earl Montombre (for it is clear it was he behind this attack)must be dealt with swiftly, and with great cunning, since it is clear to me now he does not restrain himself to they civilized ways of waging war. I will council Aldred to send assassins, and to be on his guard, for I am sure Montombre will do the same.

The Ruined watchtower

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