Sleeping Gods

The mask and the cloak

Assassin big

Several political factions were present in Criggen Varras, vying for an audience and the favour of the Melano the merchant Prince, but who harboured the assassin(s)?

The party hurried to touch base with the Cornumbrian chieftains, the trade delegation from Ferromaine and even had run ins with the Thieves guild. The day of the masquerade ball approached rapidly, with hours to spare the first contact with a Hasharim agent was made in the Golden Goblet inn, as representatives of the thieves guild were followed there and a meeting was broken up. Unfortunately both the assassin and the thieves guild lieutenant were not apprehended, the former escaped, the latter expired falling from a window onto the cobble stones of the alleyway behind the inn.

The mercenary guards at the masquerade ball have been doubled and the party arrived at sundown, spreading out to try and see if they could discern any clues or pointers to try and catch the assassins out before the attack occurred. Melano had flatly refused to postpone or cancel the event as he needed to show strength in the face of this pressure, and the diplomacy with the factions was paramount to Criggen Varras and the wider area as a whole, in fact the entire country and its neighbouring states might be affected by the decisions and alliances made.

Clues were uncovered, a careful and clever use of a spy stone by Vhailor uncovered a conspiracy by two of the merchant ruling elite: Lady Jocelyn and Sir Richard. Corvin was first to spot a creature of pure evil – a succubus sorceress in one corner of the hall, hiding behind a complex illusion. The moment had come, the party acted as the assassins struck and through expert use of healing and antidote spells, as well as blade and deadly attack magic they thwarted and killed the assassins while driving the succubus away.

The aftermath of the attack saw grave news arrive from Castle Ravenswood, a coordinated attack on the Baron saw him struck down, not dead, but dying from a deadly and rare poison distilled from Demon’s blood. Captain Fraser and Mathor directed the group to cease their diplomatic mission to Glissom and instead attempt to find a cure to the venom, quickly and at all costs!

- The Games Master



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